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We’re getting married in 2011 and looking into venues just now. In our price range is Fettes College in Edinburgh. Looks lovely but I’m a bit worried we may be served school dinners! Anyone has any experience of weddings there?

There is also a new place in Bathgate called The Vu but I can’t seem to find any reviews of it as a wedding venue.

I am try to decide to either go to M&D’s or Edinburgh dungeon for my birthday. I have been to MD’s a few times and would to try something different, so i was wondering is Edinburgh Dungeon good and scary. I will be 16 btw. So if there is anywhere else that is fun in Scotland please mension 😀

Much appretiated thanks

My surname is Riggs, and I’ve heard it traces back to Dunbar and someone else said Boyd. Can anyone please help me?

Candy Dulfer concert in Germany with guest Van Morrison. Originally on the “His band and the Street Choir” album/cd and the brilliant double album/cd “It;s too late to stop now”. Copyright Exile.

I am Italian and I would like to attend a summer English course at IALS of the University of Edinburgh, in Scotland. Have you ever been there?

In Scotland, Loch Lomond? Is it good? Were you in the House or a Lodge? And was there internet connection, so I could take my laptop?

I am surprised their tombs have never been opened (assuming they haven’t) – they don’t know exactly how Elizabeth died – only assuming from what they have seen in documents that it was a cancer. Also Mary of Scotland – they don’tknow for sure if she was struck once or twice. So have any of their bodies been examined by scientists – add to that any other monarch in recent times. Barr that of Charles I who I know was found in the 19th century in Henry VIII tomb. Help would begreat, thanks!

King Henry VIII of England beheaded his wives when they did not produce sons. Indicate why a little knowledge of meiosis might have been important for Henry’s wives.

Question for Bio, I can’t understand what exactly the answer would be. Any help would be appreciated.

i live there and lots of people are saying its a really cold, windy and horrible place- its not so i want to know if any-ones been there! before they start slagging it!

…much about it. I need it for school as we’re doing dancing at lughnasadh soon and apparently it’s relevant to this. I need to know some of the political background, cultural background and celtic background, please? I’d be really grateful if any of you could help me, thank you! 🙂

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