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Mindie Burgoyne shares recommendations on the best guidebooks for use when traveling to Ireland. Created on May 30, 2010 using FlipShare.

I want to go to Ireland next year, but I don’t know where to start with the planing. And I don’t know what places I should go and see and which would be the best way of getting to those places. The reason why I want to go to Ireland is because my family is from there, but I have no living relatives there. I have a $2,500 budget including airfare. And if you know any deals with rental car, hotel, and airfare PLEASE TELL ME!!

since all grandmothers are gone now and i wasn’t old enough to lear cooking from them, i would love a great christmas pudding recipe that i can enjoy and pass on to my childre. please take pity on me. thanks to all who take the time to answer my questions and a recipe for a good rack of lamb would be very much appreciated to.

This will be a first trip to Scotland. My great grandparents were from Edinburgh and I have always wanted to explore Scotland. I am very proud of my heritage.
Thanks NeoNerd! Any other times of the year that stand out for festivals, that type of thing?
Stanley, thank you. I enjoyed reading your info. Thanks.
Thank you both Jada and Bob for your great answers. I appreciate this very much.

I have lived in all corners of the UK and Ireland…in the course of living in these areas i had the chance to sample the local cuisine….and noted that we have a phenomenon going on when it comes to fried breakfasts in the British Isles.
Scotland:Full Scottish breakfast,square sausage,ayrshire bacon,black pudding,potatoe scone,fried egg,fruit pudding,fried tomatoe,mushrooms,fried bread,link sausage,tea/coffee toast.

England:Full English breakfast,sausages,fried egg,baked beans,bacon,fried bread,tea/coffee,toast.

Ireland: Full Irish breakfast,pork sausages,rashers,pudding,black pudding,fried egg,fried bread,wheaten brown bread and irish butter,tea,coffee,toast.

Northern Ireland: Ulster fry,soda bread,pork sausages,fried egg,pudding,black pudding,rashers,tea/coffee/toast.

unfortunately when i was in Wales(i never lived there), but when i was there i was offered a full English in two seperate places…i was saddened by this and perhaps there is a Welsh breakfast consiing of lava breads etc???.. so what in your opinion and experience is the best of the breakfasts????

Video of the Highland Dancing Flash Mob event performed by SOHDA (Scottish Official Highland Dancing Association) at Glasgow Airport on Mon 13th Aug 2012 to …

I want to go to Ireland but i dont know that much about where to go i just know I absolutley love Irish dancing. I love to shop and i want to learn more about their culture so where are the best places in Ireland to go?

i love whisky. mainly wisers. but i want to try some other kinds of whisky?

We’re getting married near Edinburgh, and taking a honeymoon tour through Ireland, which begins in Dublin three days after the wedding. Would it be cheaper to rent a car, drive, and take the ferry, or alternatively, to fly? Or maybe take the train part of the way? Any suggestions would be useful.

Obviously, we’re not in a huge hurry, just trying to save money where we can. Thanks!

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