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At the junction of Nicholas Street and Bridge Street in Limerick, stands St. Mary’s Cathedral. The full title of this Cathedral is the “Cathedral and Parochial Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary”. The Cathedral was built in 1172 by Donal Mor O’Brien, the last King of Munster. The original plan of the church was in the form of a Latin cross. Additions were made to the Cathedral, two centuries later, during the episcopate of Stephen Wall, Bishop of Limerick. At the time of the religious revolt of the sixteenth century, the Cathedral passed out of Catholic hands. Catholic worship was restored, however, during the Confederate Wars and the short ill-fated reign of James II. Tourists will find excellent documentation of historical remains within the ancient Cathedral itself. Most noteworthy relics of the past are the ancient altar stone used when Mass was celebrated in the Cathedral, and the splendidly carved misericords in the choir. These miserichords are unique in Ireland as the only surviving pre-Elizabethan carvings, and probably date from 1480 when Bishop Folan restored St. Mary’s. Of the 21 carvings, 16 are different, representing such mediaeval emblems as a two-legged one-horned goat, a griffin, a sphinx, a wild boar, an angel, a head resembling Henry IV, a dragon biting its tail, antelopes with intertwined necks, a swan, an eagle, the Lion of Judah with a dragon, and a cockatrice holding its tail. For more information please see

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Second Life inworld movie Place/ DARK GOTHIC CATHE, Dragon Rose Isle Roleplay Sim Music/ O. Fortuna

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Anúna – Dúlamán [Celtic Origins, Trinity Cathedral Ohio 2007] Anuna Dulaman Dulaman records a conversation between two seaweed collectors. Dúlamán Gaelach has a beautiful daughter whom Dúlamán Maorach wishes to marry. Gaelach is not exactly thrilled with the idea of having Maorach as a son-in-law, but Maorach elopes with his daughter anyway. A ‘níon mhín ó, sin anall na fir shúirí Oh gentle daughter, here come the wooing men A mháithairin mhín ó, cuir na roithléan go dtí mé Oh gentle mother, put the wheels in motion for me Curfá: Chorus: Dúlamán na binne buí, dúlamán Gaelach Seaweed from the yellow cliff, Irish seaweed Dúlamán na farraige, b’fhearr a bhí in Éirinn Seaweed from the ocean, the best in all of Ireland Tá ceann buí óir ar an dúlamán gaelach There is a yellow gold head on the Gaelic seaweed Tá dhá chluais mhaol ar an dúlamán maorach There are two blunt ears on the stately seaweed Bróga breaca dubha ar an dúlamán gaelach The Irish seaweed has beautiful black shoes Tá bearéad agus triús ar an dúlamán maorach The stately seaweed has a beret and trousers (Curfá 2x) (Chorus 2x) Góide a thug na tíre thú? arsa an dúlamán gaelach “What are you doing here?” says the Irish seaweed Ag súirí le do níon, arsa an dúlamán maorach “At courting with your daughter,” says the stately seaweed Rachaimid chun Niúir leis an dúlamán gaelach I would go to Niúir with the Irish seaweed Ceannóimid bróga daora ar an dúlamán maorach “I would buy expensive shoes,” said the Irish seaweed

A video of the Scottish country most of the photo’s are taken in North West of Scotland. Accompanied by the music Highland Cathedral by The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. from the Spirit Of The Glen Album. Available @ iTunes. ( Highland Cathedral was composed by Uli Roever and Michael Korb of Germany ) I hope you enjoy viewing.

Recorded on January 6, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.

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