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The author portrays the Celt as a seeker after God, linking himself by strong ties to the unseen and eager to conquer the unknown by religious rite and magic art. The earliest aspect of the religion of Celtic man was the cult of nature spirits and of life manifested in nature. The records of the ancient Celtic religion are scanty: for the Irish Celts there is some written material found mainly in the 11th and 12th centuries; from Wales there is the classic document … More >>

The Religion of the Ancient Celts

Celtas, Celt. Galiza, Galicia

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This is a video I made for my history class about why the celts survived, and how they changed. Enjoy!

vikings are in a way like the celts and one some pictures ive seen and some thigns in museums there were stone slabs with celtic knots on them and they were viking stone slabs and on films and pictures they have celtic knows on buildings and sometimes things like shields and helmets

forgotten glories of the great celtic realms artwork by Angus McBride summer festival by Stephen singer from the album celtic journey from the natures harmony seriese be proud of history but dont be a racist nationalism decieves the patriot enjoy

Belgrade’s most popular Irish & Celtic music band playing an Irish traditional, arranged by Ana Djokic (the violin player in the video). They are very popular in Serbia and neighbouring states, mainly for their vibrant live shows. A music video from 1997, directed by Darko Debelic

Documentary about the Celts.

Celtic men fought their battles naked, and the Celtic women sometimes went into battle topless (Like Boudicca). What’s the story behind why they did this?

I want someone to disaprove my theory that the Mongols were teh nastiest bunch of medievil ass kiking ninjas around. Consider, weapons, battle tactics, etc

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