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I need to take a Welsh desert|food to G/T next Monday. Any Ideas of what I could take? And If You Could put in a picture,Ingredients, & so on That would be great(: Thank youuu<3

An Irish Party in third class, performed by Gaelic Storm, remixed by me.

dancing on the tables with one or two beers in the hand laughing and having fun

I wanna fly first class and ideally land in Ireland then make my way east through the rest of Europe. If it’s cheaper to fly to London then that’s fine. Does anyone know of a cheap airline or have any suggestions from experience? Any help would be appreciated.
clarification- I will be leaving from Huntsville/Birmingham Alabama and I wanna go first class there. Ive found flights from Ireland to London for only $5!

Thanks for the help!

Describe the external and internal structure of the house. Describe the furniture, clothes, sleeping arrangements, cooking facilities, washing facilities.
How was food stored / preserved?
How were domestic work responsibilities allocated?
Were the windows glazed?
What materials were used for the construction of the roof?

Anyone know of a good reference book on this subject?

Are you taught about Owain Glyndwr? The Rebecca Riots? The Gododdin? The Mabinogi? The history of the Welsh language- the Welsh Not, Trechary of the Blue Books? The industrial revolution? The Celts? The drowning of Capel Celyn village?

When I was in school, I was never taught any of those things, and I think these are really important events in Wales’ history. We were taught British i.e English history.

So, I’m just interested if lessons have changed. And if you haven’t been taught these things, I really think you should find out a bit about them, because they’re really interesting!

My g/f really wants to go to scotland and travel 1st class on a virgin train (not a plane) for some reason. I would like to take her but the tickets seem unbelielably priced – is there any way of getting them cheaply?

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You present solace get the looking and coruscate

European Adornment Designs

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Apart from the Claddagh organization, other popular programme for Island observance jewelry is that of the European grayback. These are as famous as those of the Claddagh rings. In increase, the bands are unremarkably prefab with 14-karat yellowness or hot gold. Ordinarily, the European grayback rings are commonly mere bands with an infused Celtic grayback utilize inlaid in the designs. Each Land ceremonial adornment is specially handcrafted, the much justification for you to love them because of the get that has been poured into its making-unlike most adornment today that are created by organisation.

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