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I would love to travel the United Kingdom
I’ve got some blood lines straight from Scotland & Ireland and would like to see London

I would be leaving from (most likely) JFK in NYC to go to London-Heathrow
stay in London for a night or two and have some fun there, See Abbey Road
see Chelsea and Stamford Bridge (i.e. my soccer team that I like) i’d love to go to a game but that might be hard to get tickets to,

is there a taxi or some kind of service to get you from London to Edinburgh or Glasgow ?
I’d like to go to both of those scotish cities due to the fact that my great grandfather was born in Edinburgh and grew up in Glasgow before immigrating to the United States
plus I wouldn’t mind going to see Loch Ness just to see it
plus I’d love to see Dublin, Ireland and go get some true Irish Whiskey and have fun there
return to London and then fly back home

any idea how much that would cost, mainly the taveling while I am there is probably going to bring in a hefty dollar other than that, I wouldn’t really be spending to to much money on “souviners” and things like that, just the basics to see those primary cities

hey going paintball on Saturday, just wondering how much it would cost to get a taxi or is there trains from Edinburgh to south queens ferry?

i want to go to the uni. of edinburgh but i don’t know how much it would cost the full price. anyways also how much would it be in usa money?

I’m going to Edinburgh and I’m considering waiting to get my hair done until I get there, but I’m not sure about the prices there.

What would the cost per year to attend a university in the UK / Scotland/ Wales (for an international student) ?

And does financial aid cover any of the cost? Or study abroad programs, or FAFSA?

i am planning a trip from Edinburgh to Inverness, then from Inverness to Oban and then back to Edinburgh. So basically a scenic tour of a bit of Scotland. i am thinking of renting a small 1.0 ltr car to make this happen. How much will it cost me in pounds for petrol to do this trip?

Me and my boyfriend are going to Glasgow for a few days next month and we’re thinking of getting a late train home – the only problem is we don’t want to carry our luggage around with us!! How much does it cost to use the Left Luggage service at Glasgow Central? Thanks 🙂

How many pounds would I need monthly in order to live somewhat simply (food, toiletries, an internet connection) in rural Scotland — somewhere in Orkney, or the like?

I’m going to Scotland for a year, and I want to know how much it’s going to cost me for a plane there, and maybe how much a place to stay will be and where could I find a job. Can someone please help me? Thank you so very much!

how much does a Pembroke Welsh Corgi cost when you buy it. How much will it cost for food/vaccine and expenses annually? are they naughty?? do they bark alot?

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