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I am going to Ireland for the month of July and I am not certain what I should bring besides a rain jacket. Should I bring a coat? How do the people of Ireland dress? Is it super conservative/ fashionable like the rest of europe?

i seen it one night at about 4am in the morning after a couple of drinks out in the two and was completely taken by it but do not know what it was called. It had tribes in it and their leader went to fight another tribe in ireland and he grew really big to go across the irish sea to fight the other tribe.

Please write a thesis too.

Am planning a visit to The UK beginning of November, I am planning to visit London, and Belfast for sure as my friends are there. I found that travelling to other parts of the UK will not cost me much so I thought of visiting Edinburgh too. What do you think? Is it a good choice? Is it too cold now? I really don’t want to spend my time indoors, I like to walk in town streets..etc. Please let me know what you think.

I live in Ireland and I’ve always been a little interested in Hockey, what channels show hockey during the season.

Thanks in advance!

I need to know who the Monarchy consisted of during Rob Roy MacGregor’s lifetime and if possible what there feelings toward the scots were. Thanks!

I saw on the Tudors, Henry VIII tipping a servant this amount and wanted to know its approximate value at the time. What would its value be in today’s terms?

This up coming summer i am studying abroad in Ireland. I will be in Galway for most of my trip but i am willing to travel. I have already been there once and did the tourist vacation and saw all the sights but now i want to go there and experience what it’s like to live in Ireland. I want to learn more about there culture. if you have and restaurants or places that i should go to while there let me know. thanks.

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