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A tour of Loch Brooms islands & Cailleach Head, Wester Ross Silvas Capitalis, which translates as “forest head”, is an unusual art installation built by the American art group SIMPARCH. Located on the grounds of Kielder Forest, near the Scottish border, Silvas Capitalis is not exactly the kind of shelter you’d expect to stumble upon while walking through the trees. It’s purpose is to provide visitors and cyclists of Kielder Forest with a refuge, and at the same time, add to the mystery of this place. Inspired by the “watchers” of Celtic folklore — spiritual beings who keep watch over the forest and its inhabitants — who were usually depicted as human heads, the forest head was considered too scary for young children. Visits to local schools were required to test the reaction of the kids, before the actual building began. Silvas Capitalis is made from hundreds of individual timber blocks, individually cut, sanded and glued into the shape of a head. Visitors can climb up the stairs of Silvas Capitalis and actually look through the eyes of the watcher. The initial plan included carving out its ears so people could hear through them, but due to time limitations, this step was skipped.

What were some immediate effects in England after King Henry VIII annulled his marriage to Catherine of Aragon and declared himself spiritual leader of the Church of England, splitting with the Catholic Church?

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You’re only six or seven days old—and you’re already a queen! Privilege and luxury is in your future, but so are scandal, betrayal, and death. Before you ascend the throne, you’ll need to think twice. Do you really want to be Mary Queen of Scots? Do you have a choice?… More >>

You Wouldn’t Want to Be Mary, Queen of Scots!: A Ruler Who Really Lost Her Head

Screwtaps, Including: leaving in a Police Van & Amazing Grace. Gaelic Joke. Heiderum Hauderum.

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The bonus track “Head in the air” from the single “Breathless” (2000)

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