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Another excerpt from the classic Hogmanay Live 91/92. This is the first of sveral clips to feature the first footers – The Rankin Family from Canada

The first tune is Lord Lovat’s Lament; in remembrance of Lord Simon Fraser, the 11th Lord Lovat, beheaded on Tower Hill in London after the fiasco of Culloden where many loyal Scots laid down their lives to the insuperable might of the British Army: Lovat was the last man to be decapitated on Tower Hill (in London in 1747) for having led the Scottish clans against the Hanoverian regime (ably assisted by the Campbells and their ilk). One of his descendants was Lord Shimmy Fraser (from the MacShimidh) a notable Commando during WW2 who kept the noble name of Fraser and Lovat alive in these times of duress and died peacefully in 1995. The memory of the Frasers of Lovat and their descendants is still kept alive today in Her Majesty’s Royal Marines Commandos where the No 2 dress is the Lovat Green which is totally apart from Army Khaki. An heroic Scottish dynasty.

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