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Not for over 100years has the Festival Of The Fires in Uisneach been celebrated, until now, as a finale great fires were lit across the country as they were 1000s of years ago signaling a warning, a call to arms…a great honor is bestowed upon the archers that have been selected from thousands to light the first fires in 100 years. No pressure boys.

King Henry VIII of England beheaded his wives when they did not produce sons. Indicate why a little knowledge of meiosis might have been important for Henry’s wives.

Question for Bio, I can’t understand what exactly the answer would be. Any help would be appreciated.

I bought the Sun today, and as I turned to the back pages I noticed that 5 pages had been donated to coverage of the England vs Trinidad and Tobago friendly tomorrow.

On the same night Wales are playing against the mighty Holland in another friendly. Yet there isn’t a single word in the paper on that match.

Let’s compare the two matches:

England are playing against a minor team in world football in a match that doesn’t matter. They will probably field half a team, and the result will not matter unless T&T actually beat them.

On the other hand Wales are playing against a team that qualified for Euro 2008. Wales will play one of their youngest teams in their history against these giants of world football. Yet again the result won’t matter, unless Wales win!

If anything there is a bit more significance to the Welsh match!

How then does England get so much coverage in the media whilst Wales getts nothing? Aren’t we both meant to be equal members of the UK? English bias?

I have a poster that I have to make for my English class for background on the book we are reading, called Angela’s Ashes. If possible, I would love to have some information about some of the important things that went on during this time period in Ireland, preferably in a timeline type of form…

Thank you soooo much!!

In 1066 the Normans invaded England and ended Anglo-Saxon rule just as the Danes had done previously, the Saxons before them, the Romans before them and the Celts before them.

Britain has been invaded many times – why is the Norman invasion celebrated as something pinnacle?

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Also about the move Braveheart…
Why the Feudal System played such an important role in that particular period of English history?

The Vatican is putting on display a replica of the letter sent to the pope in 1530 beseeching him to grant King Henry VIII a divorce from his first wife. (June 23)

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