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See the magnificent re-creation of Henry VIII’s Imperial Crown at Hampton Court Palace from 27 October 2012. Destroyed after the English Civil War, it has be…

William Blake’s first poem in his Songs of Innocence. “Piping down the valleys wild, piping songs of pleasant glee…” put to music by Michael Emmanuel Koch….

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This is a compact introduction to the study of meaning in the English language and how language is used, providing a solid foundation for further semantic studies…. More >>

An Introduction to English Semantics and Pragmatics

The kitchens of Henry VIII at Hampton Court Palace are the largest surviving Renaissance kitchens in Europe. Occupying nearly one third of the ground floor of the Palace, 36000 square feet they have become internationally famous as the home of Tudor food. Today they are home to a unique project; a team of Food Historians who have been given the challenge to learn from actually using them as they would have been 500 years ago. Here, Marc Meltonville, Project co-ordinator for the Historic Kitchens Team, gives an introduction to Henry VIII’s infamous food factory…

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An introduction to Early Modern English, this book helps students of English and linguistics to place the language of the period 1500-1700 in its historical context as a language with a common core but also as one which varies across time, regionally and socially, and according to register. The volume focuses on the structure of what contemporaries called the General Dialect – its spelling, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation – and on its dialectal origins. The bo… More >>

An Introduction to Early Modern English

I read that over 1,000 had failed in Ireland and Diageo was now thinking of shutting the Guiness brewery in Dublin. I see a fair number of bars now derelict in Scotland but the evidence is still anecdotal.

Recently I’ve been getting more and more into my Irish heritage, but realized to really be into it I need to know more about Ireland in general, from it’s history to it’s geography and culture. So what’s a good book to start with?

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Sweeping across two millennia and every literary genre, acclaimed scholar and biographer Jonathan Bate provides a dazzling introduction to English Literature. The focus is wide, shifting from the birth of the novel and the brilliance of English comedy to the deep Englishness of landscape poetry and the ethnic diversity of Britain’s Nobel literature laureates. It goes on to provide a more in-depth analysis, with close readings from an extraordinary scene in King Lear… More >>

English Literature: A Very Short Introduction

introduction of the part 1 of A history of Scotland: The last of the Free

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Great book featuring castles of England and Wales. 12 black and white plates of photographs of castles exteriors. 15 floorplans and plans of castles. Includes Glossary.

Green cloth hardcover with illustrated dust jacket. 60 pages. Measures 5 by 7 1/2 inches. Interesting book, nicely illustrated…. More >>

Castles. An Introduction to the Castles of England and Wales

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