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Any information or help would be appreciated. I’ve been wanting to get a kilt and if I’m going to get one then I’m going to get the right one. Also, my curiosity and Irish pride is just making me wonder about the origins of my family.

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Irish history with Pat Flannery. This was filmed 9/1/08. Pat goes over how early Irish law and shaped the Irish relationship of land and people though the centuries.

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I want to learn Irish Gaelic. I’ll be using the internet, and I’m not buying anything or taking classes. About how long should it take me to become mildly fluent?

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Inroads Ireland tour designer Phil Ryan recounts Irish folk tales he learned while growing up in Ireland. Here’s a quick tale of the “Selkie”, an Irish fairy…

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Waynesboro, VA on March 15, 2008. Students taught by Emily Oleson.

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Product Description
The Everything® Irish History & Heritage Book takes you back to the old country and the distinctive personalities, places, and events that have made this country unique. From its breathtaking scenery and architecture to its celebrated saints and scholars, few places on earth match Ireland’s romantic attraction and historical fascination. The Everything® Irish History & Heritage Book walks you through Ireland’s 1,600 years of history and acquaints you with the mu… More >>

The Everything Irish History & Heritage Book

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Irish Angel

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Irish history with Pat Flannery. Pat discusses early Irish architecture such as the roundhouse, Crannóg, and ringfort. This was filmed in 2/5/07.

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Irish Dancing Jig on ITV’S “This Morning” Check out:

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