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I am applying to study abroad in Aberdeen, Scotland. How much does the everyday groceries cost, such as food and drink? If I want to travel around Europe, and go places such as London, Paris, and Barcelona, how much would it cost to go to these cities for several weeks?
I know the question sounds really general, but please just give me some approximate anwer.

Describe the external and internal structure of the house. Describe the furniture, clothes, sleeping arrangements, cooking facilities, washing facilities.
How was food stored / preserved?
How were domestic work responsibilities allocated?
Were the windows glazed?
What materials were used for the construction of the roof?

Anyone know of a good reference book on this subject?

Florida Gator seniors play for pride
By Antonya English, Times Staff Writer Wednesday, November 17, 2010 GAINESVILLE — In a college career that has produced some storybook moments, Florida’s seniors were hoping for a fairy-tale ending. They’ve gotten a Stephen King novel instead. Florida has lost three consecutive games at home for the first time since 1986. Saturday’s 36-14 loss to South Carolina was the worst home loss in eight …

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Simply Stidy
WHEN Stidy joined The Witness, then The Natal Witness, in 1990, he was the first cartoonist to be employed full-time in the paper’s 163-year history.

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Living with Leo: Tolstoy’s impressive dynasty
Today is the 100th anniversary of Leo Tolstoy’s death. A century on, he is still one of the most acclaimed, respected – and popular – writers and thinkers in the world.

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