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When we camped in Wales and then Lake district I found lots of walks (description + map) on the tourist websites. Now we are going to Edinburgh but can’t find a similar site. Want walks about 3-10miles around Edinburgh – not right in city centre. Love walking through woods, along canals etc Circular walks are great and if there is a pub part way round or at end that is also good. Don’t want to climb mountains but can be more than a stroll. Can anyone suggest a free website that has walks with straightforward directions to follow and maps.

My family background is part from Ukraine (the surname Kaczmarczuk), part from Jamaica (the surname Parkins) and also a British (I’m led to believe Welsh) part.

I’m mainly interested in somehow finding slave owner records from Jamaica as well as tracing my Eastern European roots.
Does anybody know how I can do this?

Bored camping the PR- gate in 1DH – Delve… We all debate the wonders that scotland has given to the world 🙂 Thankyou Chopper1k x

I want to apply to an online university and I was wondering if there are any out there that offer English or History as degree programs?

Fun, affordable, comprehensive interactive voice training software that teaches you to sing one Easy Step At A Time. Sing Smart, Not Hard Tm By Yvonne DeBandi.
Singing Lessons – Voice Lessons Online.

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– Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows Community Services will be offering tax preparation services for seniors starting March 1. Basic tax returns only. Space is limited. Info: 604-467-6911 ext 232.

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Middle East Online
A reputation knitted up in layers of lies could not withstand the needling of truth. Gathafi’s make-belief image is a reminder of the Danish author Hans Christian Anderson’s short tale “the Emperor’s New Clothes”.

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Can anyone point me in the direction where I can purchase the classic Clan Campbell Scottish tartan fabric?
I’ve searched Google and Yahoo results but all the stores were either based in the UK or their prices were quite spendy at over $40 per foot of fabric.

Any online store that carries Scottish tartan fabrics with the distinct clan patterns, namely Campbell and has reasonable prices is more than welcome.
Fabric only, I am not interested in pre-made clothing.

Celtic Knot

I have recently started my own small computer repair business in Ireland, and I get constantly asked for various computer parts such as printers, memory and universal laptop battery chargers. Would like to buy some of these parts to bring with me on site. I find all these parts to be overpriced in Ireland.

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