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This wide-ranging and evocative photographic portrait of Scotland’s distilleries, from Talisker to Lagavulin, from Laphroaig to Dalwhinnie, from the Isle of Arran to Glenkinchie, describes the “cultural terroir” of the country’s fifty greatest distilleries–the ingredients, practices, and traditions that result in an exquisite range of single-malt whiskies. Over 250 specially commissioned photographs capture the texture of the surrounding landscapes through the cha… More >>

Spirit of Place: Scotland’s Great Whisky Distilleries

how do scottish people prepare their food?

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This book is a replica, produced from digital images of the original. It was scanned at the University of Toronto Libraries and may contain defects, missing pages or blemishes due to the original source content. The UT libraries have worked with various digital partners to provide the best possible customer experience and hope you enjoy the results…. More >>

Scotland’s mark on America

I’d like to know about the language spoken and the actual current population of the small islands located off of Scotland. A few would be The Orkenys and the Shetlands, The Isle of Sky.

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland located in the Central Belt region of the country. With a population of approximately 450000 (1 million in the city region), “Auld Reekie” (Edinburgh) manages to combine both ancient and modern in a uniquely Scottish atmosphere. Watched over by the imposing castle, the symbol of the city, Edinburgh combines medieval relics, Georgian grandeur and a powerful layer of modern life with contemporary avant-garde. In Edinburgh, medieval palaces rub shoulders with the best of modern architecture, Gothic churches with amazing museums and galleries. Scotland’s throbbing night-life centre, Edinburgh, “the Athens of the North”, is also a feast for the mind and the senses, playing host to great restaurants, shops and an unequaled programme of city festivals throughout the year.

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Uncover evidence of Nessie’s existence through historical sightings and present-day efforts to locate this mysterious beast…. More >>

The Loch Ness Monster: Scotland’s Mystery Beast

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“The hills and glens and wild coastline of Scotland’s Highlands and Islands offer the ultimate escape – one of the last corners of Europe where you can discover genuine solitude.” – Neil Wilson, Lonely Planet Writer

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You can trust our travel information because Lonely Planet authors visit the places we write about, each and every edition. We never accept freebies for positive coverage so you can rely on us to tell it like it… More >>

Scotlands Highlands & Islands

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Found between the North Atlantic and the North Sea in the land of the midnight sun and northern lights are the Northern Isles of Scotland. They are actually two large archipelagos known as the Orkney and the Shetland Islands. Orkney and Shetland are different from the other islands of Scotland and the mainland, which is part of their allure. Both islands are essentially treeless, with awe-inspiring seascapes and genuinely warm and friendly people. Having been … More >>

Scotland’s Northern Lights: Lighthouses of the Orkney and Shetland Islands

‘Scotland’s Oldest Wee Boy’ For all the Oor Wullie fans wherever you are in the World! Happy 75th Birthday Wullie…. cc. Kenny Mackenzie

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