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My dad is Scottish but I’ve never been there and hope to go soon.

I’m trying to find some hard-to-make recipes from either scottland or Ireland or even both. Do you have any suggestions?

Okay, well certain Scottish clans and families have Tartans that represent their clan, but what would they do with the tartan? like are their kilts the same pattern/colour of their clan tartan or what? So what is the big reasoning behind tartans?

Answers are much appreciated.

A view of the Scottish country taken from across Scotland. The sunsets are enhanced by digital editing. Accompanied by the music Alexander’s Welcome by Albannach. I hope you enjoy viewing.

since all grandmothers are gone now and i wasn’t old enough to lear cooking from them, i would love a great christmas pudding recipe that i can enjoy and pass on to my childre. please take pity on me. thanks to all who take the time to answer my questions and a recipe for a good rack of lamb would be very much appreciated to.

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Celtic F.c. Songs: You’ll Never Walk Alone, 1957 Scottish League Cup Final, the Fields of Athenry, the Boys of the Old Brigade, the Celtic Song

Do the scottish Blackadders have their own Tartan or can they wear another clans?

Really good street musicians from Edinburgh, Scotland….view more at my website:

A view of the Scottish country taken from across Scotland. The sunsets are enhanced by digital editing. Many of the photo’s were taken by friends. Accompanied by the music of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. The Green Hills of Tyrol. Music available @ itunes. I hope you enjoy viewing. “A Scottish soldier” is a Scottish folk song. The lyrics were written by Andy Stewart. The song is about a dying Scottish soldier, wishing to return to the hills of his homeland rather than die in Tyrol. The tune, “The Green Hills of Tyrol”, is a well-known melody in the Scottish bagpipe tradition and was transcribed by John MacLeod during the Crimean War from “La Tua Danza Sì Leggiera,” a chorus part in the third act of Gioachino Rossini’s 1829 opera Guglielmo Tell (William Tell). Rossini adapted that tune from Alpine folk music.

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