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This wide-ranging and evocative photographic portrait of Scotland’s distilleries, from Talisker to Lagavulin, from Laphroaig to Dalwhinnie, from the Isle of Arran to Glenkinchie, describes the “cultural terroir” of the country’s fifty greatest distilleries–the ingredients, practices, and traditions that result in an exquisite range of single-malt whiskies. Over 250 specially commissioned photographs capture the texture of the surrounding landscapes through the cha… More >>

Spirit of Place: Scotland’s Great Whisky Distilleries

a baeutiful music from Era with a nice picture montage. enjoy. // i made a mistake, this is not Era, the music is made by Celtic spirit and is named Aileen duinn.// i do not own this music, all right belong to the respective owner. if you want the images that are in the video, you can find them here : spirit

This clip features the ending of Thomas Chatterton’s “Last Verses” which read: “Farewell, Bristolia’s dingy piles of brick, Lovers of mammon, worshippers of trick! Ye spurned the boy who gave you antique lays, And paid for learning with your empty praise. Farewell, ye guzzling aldermanic fools, By nature fitted for corruption’s tools! I go to where celestial anthems swell; But you, when you depart, will sink to hell. Farewell, my mother!-cease, my anguished soul, Nor let distraction’s billows o’er me roll! Have mercy, Heaven! when here i cease to live, And this last act of wretchedness forgive.” Also featured is an excerpt from Lord Byron’s Play “Manfred” – Act III -Scene I Abbot. Alas! I gin to fear that thou art past all aid From me and from my calling; yet so young, 155 I still would— Man. Look on me! there is an order Of mortals on the earth, who do become Old in their youth, and die ere middle age, Without the violence of warlike death; 160 Some perishing of pleasure, some of study, Some worn with toil, some of mere weariness, Some of disease, and some insanity, And some of witherd or of broken hearts; For this last is a malady which slays 165 More than are numberd in the lists of Fate, Taking all shapes and bearing many names. Look upon me! for even of all these things Have I partaken; and of all these things, One were enough; then wonder not that I 170 Am what I am, but that I ever was, Or having been, that I am still on earth.

An awesome, well composed song by Celtic Spirit.

Percy Bysshe Shelley
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The Spirit of Celtic Track from CD:

  • Lead free Pewter

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The ancient old tradition of carrying small vials about the neck filled with potions for protection or love have been around long before the middle ages. Often these little bottles or vials were uniquely decorated to enhance their power. This small blue glass bottle on a cord is wrapped by an antiquated pewter Celtic knot adorned with the ancient Celtic wolf. Fill with whatever lifts your spirits! 2″H x 3/4″W… More >>

Celtic Wolf Spirit Bottle

iTunes: Join the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley in the forest of the Cascina on the outskirts of Florence in 1819 as a storm gathers above the city, and the swirling leaves on the forest floor inspire him to imagine his unique poetic vocation revitalising humanity and bringing freedom from tyranny.

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The beauty and spirit of this magical land is captured in Marcus Fisher’s images, and paired with traditional Irish toasts and blessings. This calendar is sure to be a favorite among the millions of people who love Ireland!… More >>

Spirit of Ireland 2011 Wall Calendar

*HIGH QUALITY PLEASE!* Wow, its an actual video! xDDD Anyway… This song is so pretty…And I just love it. I thought it fitted Spirit and Wolfs Rain quite nicely. I love how it turned out. ^_^ I really dont know what else to say here…But enjoy~! I hope you guys like it~! Dedicated to one of my best buddies in real life who loves horses, wolves, Wolf’s Rain, and this song. It’s her early birthday present. Happy early birthday, Misa! c: Program used: Windows Movie Maker Time taken: About 2.5 hours Intro song: Hold Out Your Hand by Nickelback Main video song: The Voice by Celtic Women ***I own absolutely NOTHING in this video. No copyright infringement intended. This video was made for fan-made purposes only. Not used for profit. Please do not remove.***

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