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It was such a crime that this song wasn’t released as single that I decided to make the video myself. Hope you guys like it!

The Corrs & Bono Celtic Woman, starring the exalted Chloe Agnew, performs ”You Raise Me Up” on Dancing with the Stars, April 21, 2009. Ifirst discovered Chloe on the plus-size modelling fashion site, Chloe is not only a brilliant singer and incredibly talented performer, but also a positive role model for young women today – showing them that they don’t need to be anorexic to be beautiful and successful, but can be even more gorgeous at a naturally curvy size.

AWE CLIPS. A live version of the song, sung by Bono from U2 and Andrea Corrs. – – – ‘When the stars go blue’ by Bono And Andrea Corrs.

Paint the Sky With Stars – Enya

Just as the title says

Ok, so I know the song from One Tree Hill (Tyler Hilton and Bethany Joy Lenz). Now I know that it wasn’t written by/for them and I knew when I heard it on the show for the first time that I had heard it before. Lately I have heard like 4 different versions of it from The Corrs and Bono, Ryan Adams and Tim McGraw. Does anyone know any other versions of the song that are out there? Also, does anyone know who wrote the song and who the original artist to sing it was?

Another piece of the new Enya’s album : The Winter Came

The Corrs perform Ryan Adams’ song live at The Montreux Jazz Festival. Great act! 2004.

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