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Key Notes: Monuments like Stonehenge are found all over the globe, and can be dated back to a period beyond 4000 years. Many books and mainstream archaeologi…

Archaeologists often have this uncanny ability to make up utter nonsense based on a few finds around a site and the more they find, it seems, the more elabor…

Can someone explain to me what the Stonehenge of England has to do with equinoxes and solstices and how it relates to the calendar.

Where exactly is Stonehenge located? And what forms of public transport would be best to travel there? I am located in Warwick, close to Birmingham

Mythos Stonehenge – Im Zeichen der Sonne Doku deutsch.

I need simple to understand. Also, please give a full summary of everything. less than a paragraph if you could! Thanks <3

What is the cheapest fastest way to travel to Stonehenge from central London or Heath row airport?

  • ISBN: 978-0-7697-9072-5
  • Color
  • Running Time: 60 minutes
  • Sound: Dolby 2.0
  • History Documentary

Product Description
Some 5.000 monuments have been preserved from the Neolithic Age. They testify to a culture which left no written evidence and whose religious ideals are abscured by a veil of conjecture. Numerous unsolved questions still fascinate people, as do the huge dolmens and menhirs, the burial mounds and stone circles. They create for us a society which was capable of great feats. This informative program focuses on Stonehenge, the symbol of megalithic culture, and investiga… More >>

Stonehenge and Megalithic Cultures

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