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I have been thinking about moving in with my boyfriend in Scotland for a really long time now. Years. So, if I really started to consider it, what are the procedures i would have to go through to do so? I have heard from other people something about a visa? What is that?

I don’t understand why Scotts want to leave the UK… And many welsh and Northern Irish.. The Uk throughout history has been an influential and great nation; it’s now going downhill and would become totally insignificant as just Wales, Scotland, England and Norther Ireland.

I do understand that devolution is important as then the countries can govern themselves better for their own interests, and I think patriotism is important amongst the countries.

But shouldn’t we still remain unified as Britain?

When we camped in Wales and then Lake district I found lots of walks (description + map) on the tourist websites. Now we are going to Edinburgh but can’t find a similar site. Want walks about 3-10miles around Edinburgh – not right in city centre. Love walking through woods, along canals etc Circular walks are great and if there is a pub part way round or at end that is also good. Don’t want to climb mountains but can be more than a stroll. Can anyone suggest a free website that has walks with straightforward directions to follow and maps.

Hey – my dad just recently passed away so to honor him my sister is doing a scottish wedding – we have his tartan as a sash that he picked up at highland game festival but with both my grandparents also gone and not much family tree info we are running into problems – we have identified Dunlap, Irvine and Armstrong in our lineage but none of them look like the tartan we have – so we just want to id this one and maybe get on the right track – I can send a pictures of it to help or if anyone knows anyone in the NE Pa area – around Philadelphia where I could take it – it would really help – thanks for the help.

Such is the gloom that surrounds settling down today and the glamour that attaches to mature bachelor freedom, it is hard to imagine that there was a time when marriage represented the summit of a young man’s hopes. Forty years after the sexual liberalization of the 1970s, it is easy to forget that only marriage promised true sexual fulfillment for Christians, turning furtive or frustrated boys into fully-realized men. Marriage was the only acceptable framework for children, through whom men made a claim on the future, but also confirmed their potency. Virility was one of the most celebrated masculine qualities. The father who led a handsome family into church radiated both an air of commanding respectability and a glow of unmistakable sexual success. Marriage promised physical excitement. Two days before his marriage in January 1754, 33 year old Josiah Wedgwood positively frothed with anticipation of ‘the blissful day! When she will reward all my faithful services & take me to her arms! To her Nuptial bed! To – Pleasures which I am yet ignorant of’. He took the precaution of working over-time the week before his wedding to clear time to enjoy his bride uninterrupted. Marriage was a sexy prospect. In the 17th and 18th century, bachelorhood was a temporary and unprestigious state best solved by marriage. The Batchelor’s Directory of 1694 was unequivocal – ‘Matrimony – what can better agree with man and more exactly relate to his necessities?’ Even men who felt no

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You’re only six or seven days old—and you’re already a queen! Privilege and luxury is in your future, but so are scandal, betrayal, and death. Before you ascend the throne, you’ll need to think twice. Do you really want to be Mary Queen of Scots? Do you have a choice?… More >>

You Wouldn’t Want to Be Mary, Queen of Scots!: A Ruler Who Really Lost Her Head

The Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat party leaders join up to “inspire” children to become engineers. Let’s look at that shall we. Children all want to be famous, or on TV. If you’re neither, then studying for wanker arts like English, history, politics, media studies, politics and most other BA subjects gets you LOTS of money fast. Whereas studying hard sciences takes years and years and little to show for it, and no recognition at all… and in the UK, engineering and sciences are HATED by the arts. The arts have obscene amount of money THROWN at them, but the sciences have to crape by. £18bn on a two week political jerk off Olympics, how much for the sciences? £0. The arts educated politicians are two faced hypocrites. Recorded from BBC 6pm News, 17 November 2011.

I am curious about English history and want to know more about it. I’d love books that contain images, time line, etc. Of course the book should written in English, and please list the name of the books the authors, i’m more prefer with modern texts.

Thank you! 😀

A few great songs or bands that feature great bagpipes action?

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