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I am looking for some traditional recipes for shrimp in Ireland.
Please add recipe or link to recipe.
The recipe must be Irish .. due to the fact that I am taking it to a St. Pat’s day party.
But I appreciate the other recipes, I just need Irish cuisine

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An account of lifestyles, festivals, beliefs and customs of Highland people. Amongst other topics, it explores pre-clan history, the formation of the clans, the geography of the settlements and the development of farming techniques and crofting…. More >>

Highland Folk Ways

3 friends and I will be traveling from Edinburgh to Amsterdam in the beginning of January. I was wondering what the best route to get between the two cities would be. I have explored some flights but they are either way expensive or some only leave at night. We would like to arrive in Amsterdam sometime before noon. Overnight transportation is also an option. I was thinking ferry, train, plane. Where can I find some helpful sites for this.

Sinead sings acapella… Absolument fabouleux!

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A fascinating look at Ireland–its history, traditions, and people. “Reading the book and looking at Rein’s drawings are like visiting a part of the world which is still unspoiled and lovely.”–Publishers Weekly… More >>

Of Irish Ways: A Complete Look at Ireland’s History, Customs, Literature, Landscape, Traditions, and More

A collection of film and documentary clips put to ‘Irish ways Irish Laws’ by Christy Moore

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Well, my family moved away from Ireland in 1861, and I think it is time I return. So, I need a good excuse to stay in Ireland for 5 years. I read tourists can only stay for a few months, great immigration regulator but kind of a nuisance for returning migrants like me. The soonest I will be able to go is in about 2016 (hoping this whole economy thing will get sorted by then). Any advice?

This is something I need to consider for an essay on Scottish history. Academic answers if possible but opinions are useful too! I’m also looking at the romanticisation of the Jacobites and their relationship to the clans if anyone has any input on that!
Thank you.

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