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If we take a cruise to Ireland, Scotland, and England the 2nd week of April, what kind of weather should we expect? The ports to visit include: Cork, Brest Edinburgh, Inverness, Belfast, Dublin. Thank you so much for your help.

I am going to Ireland for the month of July and I am not certain what I should bring besides a rain jacket. Should I bring a coat? How do the people of Ireland dress? Is it super conservative/ fashionable like the rest of europe?

Shetland Weather.

I am visiting Dublin Ireland as well as Greece in july and was planning on bringing a few summer dresses so I can pack more and still have it be carry on luggage, but I am unsure of how the weather usually is in Ireland around july, and will I need sweaters and or jeans?

I’m traveling Ireland with a couple buddies and one of em wants to go visit all the castles, go hiking, and some other out door stuff. But my concern is can you really do much outdoors if the weather is not in your favor? What scenic places can you see in November when the weather’s crap? What can are some touristy things we can do?

10 points for the best answer. Thanks!

The fast one with the whistle and guitar, on the local on the 8’s. I don’t know if it’s played universally but I can’t find it (I never have enough computer time) on the weather channel’s music section online. I hear it around 9 in the morning every once in a while, all through this month. Anyone else heard it, and know what it is? Excuse my being naive. 🙂

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