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I understand why the Irish Wolfhound can be a symbolic inspiration as a mascot to the Irish Guards – in that the Irish wolfhound is first and foremost a large hunting dog – ideal mascot for a Brigade of Infantry soldiers – which, contrary to popular belief the Irish Guards actually are. Ceremonial duties come second !

However, what symbolic reason, or inspiration does the goat provide for the Welsh Regiments?…. can’t be just as a means of food – cheese… milk…. meat… – in times of desperation can it?

I know that the goat, like the likes of Cormac and Connor (who I knew, and accompanied on the daily exercise on occassions) have ranks, and can, indeed HAVE been demoted, as well as promoted.

I just wonder about the symbolic use of the goat for Welsh Regiments… after all, the leek is worn by males on St Davids Day (March 1st) and the daffodil for the ladies. I know that Lava Bread is the Welsh National dish – seaweed to you and me… but the GOAT..?
Re Mr Mojo Risin – thanks for link but I think this symobolism indicative of the downsizing of Welsh Regiments over the years – QUOTE –
“A cull like this could hasten the extinction of an ancient breed. The old Welsh goat is not even protected because it was technically domesticated 10,000 years ago by nomadic pastoralists. It’s crazy that in London foxes are protected, but the wild Welsh goat is not. They do not have a home anywhere. They exist only on the goodwill of landowners. Anyone can go out and kill them.”

“We’re not sure why feral goats are coming off the hills,” said Rod Gritten, an ecologist with Snowdonia national park. “They are a lot bolder with people than they used to be. In the past you would never see them. Now they are becoming cheeky … they just hop over fences. I suppose we could put up goat-proof fences but that would cost millions.” UNQUOTE 🙁

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This is a fascinating book about the history of Wales, but it is not a history of Wales. It does not seek to retell historical events, but to interpret them in a unique way. A very good read for anyone interested in Wales and written in the years just before the First World War…. More >>

The Philosophy of Welsh History

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Highlights of Welsh History

why are the welsh not very well known throught the world unlike the scots,
you always hear about scots history, scots in films , scots inventions , scots warriors etc but never welsh.I have scots and welsh heritage but I am more proud of my scots heritage as it seems the scots have had much more of an impact on the world unlike the welsh.Does anyone have similer feelings or am i wrong?
barkley hound, the beatles ARE NOT WELSH they are from liverpool and of irish descent.

I need to take a Welsh desert|food to G/T next Monday. Any Ideas of what I could take? And If You Could put in a picture,Ingredients, & so on That would be great(: Thank youuu<3

I have to write a menu for my welsh homework. anyone have any ideas (in welsh/yn gymraeg) for food or meals?

Thank You / Diolch 🙂

PS. please put the welsh then the english so i know what it means 🙂

EG, sudd oren – orange juice

While helping my friend research his family history for his tree, I came across names from the 1400’s that would go, for example, John MaThew to Daffydd ap MaTThew (why t>tt?) and his father would be Matthew ap Isuan, and his father Isuan ap Gruffydd. Does this make sense that the surname would change?

i seen it one night at about 4am in the morning after a couple of drinks out in the two and was completely taken by it but do not know what it was called. It had tribes in it and their leader went to fight another tribe in ireland and he grew really big to go across the irish sea to fight the other tribe.

Welsh emigration to the USA

Just an attempt to see if anyone knows an obscure fact of English history

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