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i thought it was spelled whiskey, but i see it alot spelled whisky? so which is it? thanks! 😀

I read that using mineral water from the same location where the whisky is made is the best to mix with your favorite drink. I have also read that water with low sodium content is prefered. I use Spa water and Volvic to mix with whisky. What water do you use and why do you use it?

Mixed with Livemet audio!

… the best selling Irish Whiskey in the World, apparently

*Rest in peace, Gary Moore… so sad of a day… your guitar stays with us, and you shall live trough it. Farewell…* † Gary Moore was found dead in February 06 2011, while on vacation at Costa del Sol, Spain. † – – – Gary Moore and friends performing “Whiskey in the Jar” in the “One Night in Dublin: a Tribute to Phil Lynott” concert at The Point Theatre, Dublin, Ireland, August 20th, 2005. [Part 9/10] This song is a real classic, and is also famous for the fierce Metallica cover. — Phillip Lynott was the bassist, lead singer, lead composer and frontman for the band Thin Lizzy, in wich Moore played for some time too. Gary Moore (was) a renowed guitar player, his style ranging from Heavy Metal and Blues to Country music. Eric Bell: “the only guy that can play this song”. With no further ado, enjoy this song in high quality, and see all the other parts of this historical concert in my channel. ———————————————————————————————————— Gary Moore e amigos na performance da música “Wiskey in the Jar” no concerto “Uma Noite em Dublin: um tributo a Phil Lynott” (tradução livre), que aconteceu no The Point Theatre, em Dublin, Irlanda, no dia 20 de Agosto de 2005. [Parte 9/10] Essa música é um verdadeiro clássico e ficou bem conhecida depois do fantástico cover do Metallica. — Philip Lynott foi o baixista, vocalista, principal compositor e “frontman” da banda Thin Lizzy, na qual Gary também chegou a tocar

Van and the Caledonian Soul Orchestra with fantastic performance of Moonshine Whiskey live in London 1973. Also on the brilliant double live “It’s too late to stop now” album/cd and from the original studio album/cd “Tupelo Honey”. Copyright lyrics and music Exile.

I have a bottle of springbank 10 year 100 proof 57% scotch whisky and i only had about 2 drams out of it and was wondering will it last a good 4 or 5 months if kept in a dark cool place? Will it taste the same as i opened it? I actually want to start a whisky collection but am worried about buying expensive whiskys and having them spoil down the road.

Can you please recommend me the best whiskey tour in Edinburgh?

The Caledonia Soul Orchestra was the band created by Northern Irish singer-songwriter Van Morrison in 1973. The band is often considered one of the tightest performing backup groups of the 1970s. The band was named after an eighteen minute instrumental outtake on the His Band and the Street Choir album. In 1973 Van Morrison and the Caledonia Soul Orchestra went on a three-month tour of the United States, and Europe with the result of which was the seminal live double album It’s Too Late to Stop Now. The title is taken from the last line in the lyrics in one of Morrison’s songs: “Into the Mystic” from the 1970 Moondance album. In live performances with The Caledonia Soul Orchestra, he would close the concert with a dynamic, stretched out version of the Astral Weeks song, “Cyprus Avenue” and then shout out “IT’S TOO LATE TO STOP NOW!” as he quickly exited stage. Van Morrison live at The London’s Rainbow Theatre on 24th July 1973. (Voted by Q Magazine readers as one of the top live performances of all time.) Van Morrison: vocals, acoustic guitar, alto saxophone John Platania: guitar, backing vocals Jeff Labes: organ, piano (8 May 1973 onwards) James Trumbo: piano (15 February 1973 to 19 April 1973) David Hayes: bass, backing vocals Jack Schroer: alto, tenor, baritone and soprano saxophones, tambourine, Dahaud Shaar: drums, backing vocals Bill Atwood: trumpet, flugelhorn, backing vocals Nathan Rubin: first violin Terry Adams: cello Nancy Ellis: viola Tom Halpin: violin

The traditional “Whiskey in the Jar” is about a thief who is betrayed by his lady-love Jenny. Well here is Jenny’s side of the story! The Merry Wives of Windsor at the Grove of Anaheim in 2007.

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