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This wide-ranging and evocative photographic portrait of Scotland’s distilleries, from Talisker to Lagavulin, from Laphroaig to Dalwhinnie, from the Isle of Arran to Glenkinchie, describes the “cultural terroir” of the country’s fifty greatest distilleries–the ingredients, practices, and traditions that result in an exquisite range of single-malt whiskies. Over 250 specially commissioned photographs capture the texture of the surrounding landscapes through the cha… More >>

Spirit of Place: Scotland’s Great Whisky Distilleries

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Whisky: Technology, Production and Marketing explains in technical terms the science and technology of producing whisky, combined with information from industry experts on successfully marketing the product. World experts in Scotch whisky provide detailed insight into whisky production, from the processing of raw materials to the fermentation, distillation, maturation, blending, production of co-products, and quality testing, as well as important information on the … More >>

Whisky, Second Edition: Technology, Production and Marketing

From the website Why does Scotch whisky taste as it does and where do the flavours come from? Is mature whisky always worth spending more on, and what is the best investment for the collector? For those new to whisky, this show will cover everything you need to know whether you should add water to your whisky, and the type of glass you should drink it from. With Christmas nearly upon us, we may need to top-up the drinks cabinet before our friends and family join in the festivities. For many, whisky is the perfect way to warm up the festive season, making now the ideal time to brush up on your whisky knowledge before buying that special bottle. Find out all you need to know and more by watching this live and interactive WebTV show with whisky expert and aficionado Charles MacLean. Charles has spent almost thirty years researching, writing and lecturing about Scotch whisky. He was elected a Keeper of the Quaich, the industry’s highest accolade, in 1992 for ‘his services to Scotch’. Charles will be tasting and analysing 5 different whiskies, ranging from an entry level Hakushu 12 year old malt Japanese whisky (retailing at £45) to a breathtaking 58 year old Dalmore Selene priced at £12000 one of only 30 decanters in the world. Also whetting Charles’ palette will be a slightly less expensive Dalmore Candela at £7500. Completing the tasting menu is a limited edition Hazlewood Reserve 17 year old single malt – one of only 500 bottles made, and an Aberfeldy 18

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SamaN Touch up kits are specially designed for maintenance of pre-varnished hardwood and laminated floors and wooden furniture…. More >>

SamaN TUK-1057 Wood and Laminated Surfaces Touch Up Kit, Whisky

many drinkers first full-peat moment here ! To comply with Google Adsense policy this video is an independent non-profit review and is not selling or linking…

when **** hits a fan ! it spreads further when the fan is on.

i love whisky. mainly wisers. but i want to try some other kinds of whisky?

. . . a new and interesting option for buying whisky where you go to a website and blend to you own taste from the whiskies available. Good stuff ! Ralfy’s Blend recipe – Burnt Puddin’ – 120ml Taste of the Sea – 200ml Vanilla Fudge – 100ml Smoke on the Water – 50ml Banana Split – 100ml Touch of Spice – 100ml Soft & Fruity – 30ml

i thought it was spelled whiskey, but i see it alot spelled whisky? so which is it? thanks! 😀

Dwa eksperymenty ukazujące konsekwencje różnic gęstości płynów.

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