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since all grandmothers are gone now and i wasn’t old enough to lear cooking from them, i would love a great christmas pudding recipe that i can enjoy and pass on to my childre. please take pity on me. thanks to all who take the time to answer my questions and a recipe for a good rack of lamb would be very much appreciated to.

I know you can refer to one as “The MacLeod” etc etc, but do they have a right to be called “laird”? Or is that only if you possess a title? Could somebody please elaborate on this. I need accuracy for my story. I researched but only found an answer for calling them The (insert clan name here).


My brother has a small collection of whisky including jack Daniels and johnnie walkers black label. I was wondering if I were to buy him a better bottle or a different bottle what would be a good choice? There are many different whisky brands and I don’t know if there’s any difference in flavor or quality.

I would love to travel the United Kingdom
I’ve got some blood lines straight from Scotland & Ireland and would like to see London

I would be leaving from (most likely) JFK in NYC to go to London-Heathrow
stay in London for a night or two and have some fun there, See Abbey Road
see Chelsea and Stamford Bridge (i.e. my soccer team that I like) i’d love to go to a game but that might be hard to get tickets to,

is there a taxi or some kind of service to get you from London to Edinburgh or Glasgow ?
I’d like to go to both of those scotish cities due to the fact that my great grandfather was born in Edinburgh and grew up in Glasgow before immigrating to the United States
plus I wouldn’t mind going to see Loch Ness just to see it
plus I’d love to see Dublin, Ireland and go get some true Irish Whiskey and have fun there
return to London and then fly back home

any idea how much that would cost, mainly the taveling while I am there is probably going to bring in a hefty dollar other than that, I wouldn’t really be spending to to much money on “souviners” and things like that, just the basics to see those primary cities

We’ve just got married and would really like to move up to Scotland – we’ve travelled various places and can’t decide-however it would be good to have a local point of view as you get a different feel as a visitor! We like lochs, mountains, outdoors but i also love the city – especially Edinburgh (but i’ve not really visited another Scottish city yet-just toured the country). Any advise would be welcome. Many thanks

I’m moving to Edinburgh, just want to know, on average, what the prices are like.
If you live in Edinburgh, please give me a few estimates of basic foods like pasta, pizza, milk, bread etc.

Does anyone what the people are like there are they friendly and ok with tourists ?

I’m helping out a friend who plans to move to Ireland this year and work as a nanny through a agency. I am not sure whether she will be in Northern Ireland or The Republic of Ireland but i was wondering how she would apply for a visa for either country. If she will be in Northern Ireland should she go through the United Kingdom’s Visa service since Northern Ireland is part of the UK or does she need to do something different? I haven’t been able to find any information about Visas in The Republic of Ireland.

Traveling from the USA, I may only have time to visit just one major city in Scotland (most of my time there will be devoted to the countryside). The question is, shall I choose a few days exploring glasgow or should I spend the few days exploring edinburgh? Why?
If you really think both of them are worth visiting, then please explain so, bearing in mind that I will have to sacrifice time from my countryside explorations in order to do so.

Currently when Prince Philip dies the title Duke of Edinburgh that he holds will go to his eldest son, HRH The Prince of Wales. Who would the title go to should Charles pre-decease his father? Would it go to Prince William of Wales since he is the eldest son of the Prince of Wales? Or would it go to HRH The Duke of York since he is the Duke’s second eldest son?Thanks.

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