The Chieftains Women Of Ireland – Mná na h-Éireann Seán Ó Riada

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  • SensieSanzashi:

    Beautiful fields for sure, beautiful hearts me arse! And sure we left there because the prods and the finians were assholes! Call it what it is, suffering bullshit! And sure we grew up not knowing our families and heritage because there was no living to be had in those beautiful green fields, ‘ cause the prods and finians were assholes! Sing a song for me why don’t you, and the Irish who left, not for greener fields, ’cause the prods and the finians were assholes! Now there’s a song don’t U no!?

  • punk1rock2:

    Yes,I live here two weeks.
    It was a magic cuntry: the music, the people, the landscapes!
    All lovely.

  • DottyWang:

    I went with two Irish friends and met their family in Kerry. I learned the true Irish history and it made me cry. The music is magic, but the green of the fields and the colours of the mountains . . . Go, go, don’t miss this wonderful place.

  • 1351Kerman:

    I hope you do too. I miss the country so much at times.

  • HulkSmashPunyHumans:

    @punk1rock2 have ya ever been? Ireland is great times. The music. The pubs. The Irish.
    Aye I could say much more but I’d be bordering on poetry to do it.

  • MissEmilyKat:

    This is beautiful. I have to admit I never have felt much desire to be a world traveler but I certainly hope that I get to see Ireland before I die.

  • sherp2u1:

    A fitting tribute to Irish women, the toughest, most resilent women in the world!

  • sherp2u1:

    Irish Women are strong, tough and resilent some times to tough! But it’s all good, they take no crap, and tell it exactly like it is! This is a fitting tribute to their strength!

  • irishdruid62:

    I think and feel this hauntingly beautiful song is dedicated to the strong spirit and resilliance of women. I have always loved this song!

  • Tam1297:


    WTF are you rattling on about?!?

  • theartsychica593:

    @mrhenrykerr1983 this is what ireland used to be about and what it still is at it’s roots. 🙂

  • n00bfuckup:

    First heard this while watching the film Barry Lyndon when I was 17 old. Loved it then, always will.

  • hughpower123:

    @LSR1963 Barry Lyndon. Best. Movie. Ever.

  • punk1rock2:

    This song make me cry. Ireland, I miss you.

  • AnomicDeadDisciple:

    mr henry kerr1983 – I’m at a loss, what do you mean exactly? what is the “THIS” “which Eireann should be about”? D’ya mean the musical arrangement, with the violin, Celtic harp, flutes, et al, & the esp!!! Irish Gaelic translation?
    Do you mean the Picture with the Spailpin woman and the desperation her expression invokes-looks like a memorial of the famine.
    With the props to the Women of Eireann? I dig that, but ask the Church about their biz’nz of hiding irish girls in laundrymats 4 profit

  • EyeLean5280:


    Thank you.

  • moukhtalif:

    I love this song, i have heard it in Barry Lindon by Stanley Kubrick for the first time !
    Irish music is very emotionnal…

  • pradaanthony:

    that’s the women of Ireland, and I love one, and I will marry her, Slainte

  • Adnama109:

    Robin Hood 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Lelly26:

    So pretty.

  • Oystersgetclamydia:

    @jasenspeed401. You`re joking? That was so beautiful I had an eargasm!

  • Jasenspeed401:

    Kate bush’s version is way better. I like the Chieftains, but the orchestration is not that good. Not very inspired on their part.

  • TheFilaCZ:

    Greetings from Czech republic. It’s nice tune. Very deep and nice. Is it normal to have a tears in my eyes? 🙂

  • brenwyn2002:

    Makes me very proud to be an Irish-American.

  • fabiusb:

    meravigliosa Irlanda

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