Irish folk song by The Johnstons , brilliant The Curragh Of Kildare, lyrics and chords here.

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  • stephenkemmy:

    The song is peculiar – in that its actually about a transvestite singing of her soldier lover – believe me – incarcerated in the British internment camp in the Curragh military barracks. So it amuses me that a Londoner could find a song of sorrow that was born from English and British abuse …ahem wonderful. Wonderful indeed. The song is a favorite with Irish homosexuals. Oh well you live and you learn and know more!

  • MegaStreetrunner:

    where can i get a tape or dvd of this group? mad mc

  • SuperPaddymurphy:

    God bless Kildare and the Curragh .Up the Lillies

  • cuntzillamcgonigle:

    was there a question that she died in suspicious circumstances?

  • 1delage:

    They’re reforming in Ireland soon minus one o f the girls who died tragically. It is Paul Brady…


    @ friederich66, the song title is correctly called ‘The Curragh of Kildare’. Unless ofcourse you are actually looking for a Chinese song about ‘The Colour of Kildare’ 😉

    I hope this helps!

  • friederich66:

    hi friend, how about writing the artists´ me in the title? i only found it over the thumbnails on the right side of the screen. but anyone who tries to find the song by the name (remember: youtube is partly a search engine!!!)
    is it so much work to write “the johnstons – the colour of kildare”? no one who entered “johnstons” will find their song here…..
    don´t write an angry reply, better write the title correctly for other fans
    thanks, and in the name of nameless others,

  • pw1one:

    Its local gossip ,but this band could be playing in slain castle this weekend. in ireland… of course lol…

  • kevgrey1985:

    beautiful. Thank you for posting.

  • libertycaps666:

    gwan the curragh

  • hydfawr:

    The Fureys version blows this one out of the water!

  • Rinty145:

    Robbie O’Connell, but I might be wrong.

  • C3MC2:

    Thanks for sharing.

  • blackadder0124:

    God this reminds me so much of my childhood 🙂 Great song by a great group

  • kevgrey1985:

    Beautiful song. I remember this version from the 1970’s when I was but a wee lad in County Armagh. It still brings me out in the ‘Goose-bumps’. Thank you very much for sharing this with us all.

  • floydyopz:

    In the mid-eighties I worked in an office in London – the nicest person there was the Irish cleaning lady – we used to chat after hours. She once taped some Irish folk songs for me – including Curragh of Kildare – I was captivated by this wonderful song with its fresh harmonies. I never knew what group it was and hadn’t heard the songs in many years till I found your upload. What a treasure, thank you so much! Music gets no purer than this….

  • friederich66:

    hi, just load the N°23 recorder and record it from youtube. that is legal, works like a cassette recorder and makes an mp3 file. start the recorder, start the file and stop after it is finished. you might write me if you did and it worked

  • friederich66:

    well, did you hear it from ryan´s fancy? not bad, you can hear it on youtube

  • friederich66:

    that was in the sixties, and it was the very first song i heard from the johnstons. second was the travelling people. that was when me and them were young. does anybody know what happened to them? are they still alive? where do they live? are there later songs? please send it to my account friederich66. thank you

  • Smithy07sham:

    the johnstons were from slane co meath they started out michael adrienne lucy johnston michael maloney and paul brady joined after michael johnston left the group adrienne died tragically in the 80s they were terrific singers on the folk seen

  • SuperDsweeney:

    Shane MacGowan’s song ” White city ” uses the melody of this. Are The Johnstons available on cd does anybody know ?

  • Lisnageeragh:

    Is Mick Moloey there too?

  • Lisnageeragh:

    and Mick Moloney?

  • Lisnageeragh:

    Think the Emmet Spiceland may have been there a few years before song was recorded…great memories

  • dieselphil59:

    the best version of this song is adrain dunbar and brian kennedy,i watched it on either ITV or BBC,it was fantastic and cannot find it anywere on you tube.

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