Scene from “The Secret of Roan Inish,” part 1 of 2. part 2:

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  • gardeniagoddess:

    My blood too, I’ve lived in Ireland so many past lives; I can see it in my
    mind. I love it!

  • saintjon13666:

    iam a norse viking so all of you shut up or i will rape you and burn down
    your house!

  • glamourchick21:

    @BoyintheMachine True. Interesting fact though: in America, the Irish were
    not culturally considered white until sometime after the western frontier
    was closed. In fact, the famine migrants in America were referred to by the
    ‘N’ word, same as the newly liberated slaves The reason for this was simply
    that in the 1840’s, the Irish were the “new immigrants” and thus came under
    suspicion from the American WASP community–though the fact that most of
    them were poor and Catholic was also an issue.

  • trudy anderson:


  • chocolovesme:

    this movie makes me want to go to ireland. its in my blood

  • RukisxGoldxPants:

    @saintjon13666 well, that’s pleasent…

  • wolfgirl44:

    This was one of my favorite movies when I was little. I wish the whole
    thing were up somewhere, but this is nearly as good. =)

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