Pop group the Nolans perform songs for the studio audience including Who’s Gonna Rock You and covers of Diana Ross’ Touch Me in the Morning and Barry Manilow’s Can’t Smile Without You.

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  • Innersymbiance:

    What a typical shallow person.. I was actually reliving my youth. If I posted on a ton of Nolan Sister Videos, what the ____k does it have to do with you. I might be Terminal or just enjoying the Sound of the Sisters as I did years and years ago..

    You’re the Sad person… very sad indeed.

  • angela morton:

    hilarious – i see that one member has posted the same thing on ALL the nolans you tubes (hilarious) they have been on a panic posting spree! lol

    note that the comments are only one week old (on all of them lol) pretending not to have seen the footage before lol

    i bet it’s the nolans posting on their own videos

    obvious but a bit saddo



  • Innersymbiance:

    I hadn’t see this one either. :))
    Thanks for this! Great to hear them Sing like this and hear their accents

  • Innersymbiance:

    You, me and half the male population of Scotland, England and Ireland :))

  • antefe:

    I absolutely LOVE this! It’s about 15 years since I saw this on VHS and it brings back so many good memories. Colleen was so cute, I had a proper crush on her!

  • kayamachi6:


  • ilsy74:

    great but where can i get this?

  • lindanolanfan:

    Thankyou so much for this! I’ve never seen this before, thansk very much!

  • aallpp55:

    Wow. Thanks for the wonderful sexy Nolans. Never seen this before.

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