If nothing else, The Four Zoas shows Blake’s unique insights into the constitution of man’s psyche, his spiritual self. In particular, Blake’s God/Man union is broken down into the bodily components of Urizen (head), Urthona (loins), Luvah (heart), and Tharmas (unity of the body) with paired Emanations being Ahania (wisdom, from the head), Vala (nature, from the heart), Enitharmon (what can’t be attained in nature, from the loins), and Enion (earth mother, from the separation of unity). As connected to Blake’s understanding of the divine, the Zoas are the God the Father (Tharmas, sense), the Son of God (Luvah, love), the Holy Ghost (Urthona, imagination), and Satan who was originally of the divine substance (Urizen, reason) and their Emanations represent Sexual Urges (Enion), Nature (Vala), Inspiration (Enitharmon), and Pleasure (Ahania).

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