The Glasgow That I Used To Know Adam McNaughtan

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  • Porrameneitor:

    Glasgow is a giant slum now. 

  • nusquamesse1248:

    Thank you. This video and song brought on a happy misting and remending.

  • weegieart:

    magic times love it

  • 43lochness:

    great video

  • 43lochness:

    a young phil mccall at.31

  • Tommy999xxx:

    The start of this video is shot in PAISLEY Not GLASGOW… Still a great video 🙂

  • tartandaddy:

    Thank God those days have gone for good! Dark dark times

  • blagger17:

    you might have been in my younger brothers year,davy(mcgue) mckinnon.

  • trashiscool1:

    Mine as well 75-76. He always sang that bloody song tae let us know who wrote it.

  • blagger17:

    Adam mcnaughtan was my english teacher at john st secondary school between 1974-78.he also wrote the famous “jeely piece song”.a wll known song tae all glaswiegans.

  • heythanksbutnothanks:

    I have never seen a video of the trams going past Kelvingrove until now, great to see that! My profile says I am 35 but I hate to admit I am 37, my mid 30s now, sounds old to me :(, but in my lifetime Glasgow has changed a lot too, gotten bigger the buildings and more and more, I always felt hat shopping centre at John Lewis behind Buchanan st bus station was a complete waste of time, there were already billions of shops in Glasgow, that just made Glasgow more cluttery looking for no good reason

  • TimFoolery1888:


  • edward0988:

    RE : Bauchie , thank you that helps

  • spentacle:

    Found it. Shilpit adj. Pale, sickly, weak, puny, shrunken.

  • spentacle:

    dictionary of Glasgow speech at .rampant scotland dot com slash parliamo
    lose the spaces.Got an error message trying to give the full URL

  • spentacle:

    “Bauchle” – the opposite of “big yin”, usually a “wee bauchle” is used to describe a shabby-looking person, especially a small one. A “bauchle” was originally a worn-out shoe.

  • edward0988:

    the shulpit we bochle, ( last line of the song) does anyone know what that means? This is a great song really capture the the street culture of old Glasgow. Thank you for posting.

  • rabblue:

    @goinghomesomeday1 you right we had nuthing , but wee wer happy and made our own entertainment. no matter what we did it wis great. fai a wee swing to looken for bootles to cash in . great days eh

  • edward0988:

    Brings back fond memories, thanks for posting.

  • smilekatysmile:

    i love the slightly racist bit of you knew they were tallies the moment they spoken. 

  • poneil69:

    The weans are still the weans, nae use the romantic notions of the past, bless the weans and stoap bein auld. Great stuff big man btw

  • SDC05061956:

    I first learned this song when Adam McNaughton (the writer and singer) was my Engish teacher at Rutherglen Academy in the late 1960s. In the 1990s Adam had a wee book shop in Parnie Street near Glasgow Cross but I have not seen him for a long time now.

  • LindsayCurran:

    Love the song, the video pictures are just incredible – I’ve been playing this over and over – you have fantastic posts! Many, many thanks!

  • goinghomesomeday1:

    Hello bigmanio,

    Smashing video of life-past, children playing in the streets, lovely. Nowaday days they wear hoodies and give plenty of grief to neighbours and parents alike.

    Aye, turn the clock back, we had bugger-all but were happy.



  • Tonyboy11100:

    This is a Briliant song!!

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