Archaeologist Neil Oliver visits Hadrian’s Wall. He examines the history of the symbolic structure where the Roman Empire was stopped in its tracks by the fierce Scots. Considered one of the greatest triumphs of Roman engineering, Neil looks at the people who lived on the wall and the kind of life they led.

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  • NeverAloneForever:

    How do you mean that?

  • myscottishhistory:

    Maybe you should look and listen to the video again. Did you not hear Neil say “..but I suspect there’s more to it than that..”? You seem to be lacking a sense of humour. The comments from Neil in the opening sentences are obviously tongue in cheek. Antonine Wall was actually a failure with the Romans eventually retreating to Hadrian’s Wall, while Roman success at the battle of Mons Graupius, recorded by a Roman 20 years after it occurred, is probably grossly exaggerated if it occurred at all.

  • myscottishhistory:

    From my research, Neil is correct. In AD407 the British army chose and elected an ordinary soldier as ruler. He was known as Constantine III. I would be very careful in criticising Neil Oliver. He knows his stuff and I can’t imagine him risking his reputation on incorrect facts. Perhaps you shouId “fact check” your own comments. I also don’t see what’s so “awful” about this program. I enjoyed it immensely.

  • sLuuugZz:

    Get use to it History is a lie. And always will be.

  • macoleqh ringo:

    yes 3 years ago and its still dumb.OK numb nuts name something good that the English have invented then compare it to what the Scots have invented for such ,a small nation, cant touch this,its hammer fire up that piece of grey matter and educate us

  • spaceman1979:

    Keep talking? That comment was from three years ago numb nuts and did you say that Scotland is more successful than England?

    There is between your ears nothing.

  • macoleqh ringo:

    i notice you keep talking about the Scots what they did do didn’t do i think you have a hard on for them and why, not they are amazing people for the size of the country.fucked a lot of people up and invented most things worth inventing and the list goes on when you have to pound another race because they have been more successful than you would have liked them to be its just mindless jealousy.and you have as much to offer as there is between your legs.nothing

  • macoleqh ringo:

    so they were retarded bunch right

  • macoleqh ringo:

    the Russians could hardly beat the Germans never mind the whole of Europe.would never have happened

  • macoleqh ringo:

    same crap over and over again. there really was nothing in Scotland for the Romans .it was there mentality about conquest that drove them into places that weren’t worth dying for.but they did and lets give the pics there due these people who inhabited the north were just happy to be left alone.but everyone who came there.and tried to take there wee bit hill and glen.where made famous,with a people who prob dint even.have a population over 250.000 people if that.kicked a lot of big arses

  • jimbo271uk:

    Hadrians wall was built to keep the legions busy, if your stuck in Scotland where its raining all the time you need to keep busy

  • LeoVallo:

    Antonine wall wasn’t as important as Hadrian’s as it was in use only for twenty years, thirtytwo if you count the construction, and the battle of Mons Graupius, whose account has been written by someone (Tacitus) who wasn’t even there, is treated in Neil Oliver’s work about the Picts.

  • Plarzmo:

    An I gert ferkered in mer arse hole – AN I really lerked it!

  • LordHannigan:

    Yes Antonine Wall was built farther North. An history is written by the winners perhaps what you don’t like is a loser on the side of history giving his perspective. However sense there are no more Romans around to tell their side of the story. It is up to others to patch things up. Romans build a wall all across their empire. On there side the Roman Empire on the other side Barbarian lands.

  • CeltsClaire:

    … I had not heard of either and thank you for making this post. I am now educated. I find it absolutely baffling that an archaeologist would spin it as he does. He has no respect for history because he can’t be that dumb. The Antonine Wall was ‘very’ interesting to learn about … thanks again!

  • Wildhoglogging:

    5:17 sieg heil ahah

  • onemoreturn:

    He meant the usurper emperor Constantine III.

  • Mark Tipper:

    @chadstur1991 im an english bloke, and i think its amazing how the scots defended their lands, they truly kick ass, fair play to em 😉

  • MrCutsteel:

    @chadstur1991 Well, of course, at this time there were no ‘Scots’ or ‘English’ as such, just various Celtic tribes occupying different regions of the British Isles. To try to project modern nationalisms onto this period is misleading.

  • dinerouk:


    I hate trolls

  • Katzenful:

    As a Scots, Irish, Viking Mongrel ex Squaddie who’s fortunate enough to live right on Hadrians Wall in a house that was built to keep out my ancestors I’d like to say that the local view is that it was the best Tax Scam in the country. As for being frightened of the scots? Serverus kicked their arse all the way to the Highlands then came back coz it was shite! Romans had a great time here. It’s a little piece of paradise. People need to chill out and enjoy the View.
    It’s lovely! 🙂

  • Alan Heath:

    Nationalism distorts nearly everyone’s view of history.  Unfortunately.

  • Alan Heath:

    You don’t think it was a slip of the tongue that went missing?

  • Alan Heath:

    @chadstur1991 It is pretty ridiculous to assume that the Scots (who incidentally did not exist then but never mind) knew their land better than the tribes in what is today France, Spain, Middle East, North Africa etc etc knew their land. For the Romans it was not worth the bother advancing further in Britain. The tribes they clearly wanted to conquer were in what is today Germany – but they never succeeded.

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