This video includes scenes of ‘the Jacobite’ on the return journey between Mallaig and Fort Wiliam, filmed between 15th – 18th.July 2009. The train was hauled by Class Five 4-6-0, No.45231. I notice that I have mispelled Loch Non Uamh, in the video it appears as Loch Non Uahm, my apologies to any Gaelic speaking viewers. ‘The Sherwood Forester’ and the music over the opening sequences is once again ‘Steam Train To Mallaig’ by the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards’.

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  • acw71000:

    Thanks for your comments. I knew it was Paul Kane although I never had the privilege of meeting him. A well respected fine engineman. I thought it was wonderful to see the cheery waves he gave to people at the lineside, especially in the first part of my on train video from this year

  • SuperYellowbucket:

    unfortunately the driver of 45231 on these days sadly passed away in 2010 he was one of the steam railways most joyful gentlemen and im proud to say i knew him! it was a sad time as my mother and myself the guard of the jacobite steam train was very good friends with paul R.I.P. paul kane a true gentleman!

  • Peter Clough:

    Wonderful. We had a fantastic view of her from Cruach an Fhearainn Duibh in 2009. Hoping to enjoy her again in two weeks time (if she’s running).

  • acw71000:

    Thanks for your comments, I’m sure you’ll have a great time and I hope you enjoy some good weather. I’m itching to get back up there again myself.

  • MrDomlogan:

    thanks for the video. me and my mate are planning a trip up to fort william. it looks amazing. cant wait to get up there. thanks for the sceanery

  • acw71000:

    You must have some great memories of the days of steam. It is wonderful to see how many people enjoy a ride on ‘The Jacobite’

  • 01944able:

    Was brought up at Lochailort, went to school every day on the steam train. Its great to see the steam trains back on the line again. Great video and stunning scenery.

  • acw71000:

    Thanks very much

  • CRUSADER1189:

    Stunning !

  • acw71000:

    Thanks very much, its always good to know that the support crew enjoy the videos. We linesiders really appreciate your hard work.

  • LocoBill45231:

    What a stunning Video, as one of the support crew for 45231, I view many videos featuring our Loco,particulary on the jacobite which is a favourite, this has to be one of the best. Very well done, great viewing.

  • acw71000:

    Thanks very much, I hope you are able to visit this coming year, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

  • emdiesel63:

    Great video! I hope to be able to pay a visit on this route next Summer.

  • l23722:

    I was there…hehehe

  • acw71000:

    Cheers, glad you liked it

  • coisty09:

    It’s also the line where they filmed the Hogwarts express in Harry Potter. The bridge they used in the movie is @ Glenfinnan. Absolute quality. Mon The Scotland’

  • acw71000:

    Thanks very much, you’ll have a great time I’m sure. The engines are changed on the Sunday, I would have liked the K1 during the time I was there but only got the one shot on the Sunday I came home.

  • shuffelmann:

    Great video! Can’t wait to go! I’m hoping to travel on both the K1 and B5 this month. Do you know on which day they swap the engines?

  • acw71000:

    Thank you very much, I’m sure you will have a wonderful time when you travel on it, one of those ‘must do’ things

  • Tom Brady:

    Absolutely superb videos of the Jacobite.
    Hope to travel on it myself in july 2010

    tnks for sharing !

  • 3NUNS:

    is the sound of a steam locomotive the same as the sound of the steam engine that powers the steam locomotive ? no ! for thou hearest the exhaust !

  • acw71000:

    Thanks again Andy, I think having that magnificent landscape certainly helps you to try hard to capture it on film. After a quick look at your channel, I see some very interesting looking films which I will return to.

  • Andy Campbell:

    That video was absolutely magnificent – it started with a wonderful sequence on the outskirts of Mallaig and only got better. The sequence at Loch Eilt was simply breathtaking. Awsome content and even better photography – 5* but it deserves more!

  • mmflock:

    Fantastic. What format do you shoot in? I shot the same train as you on a Canon HDV camcorder but when uploaded to youtube it
    was awful!!


  • jammiebeasts:

    I know yes, I have been up there myself. I just wish it was a bit nearer home!

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