Made by me YES I KNOW THAT TIGERS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH NATIVES ITS JUST A VIDEO The song from the movie is Promontory by trevor jones or as some of you know it as. “The Gael” written by Dougie MacLean It is a Gaelic Fork song So i am told.

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  • fatih özmen:



    Beautiful and stunning:-)

  • MrJuggernautishere:

    Iranians-You most Aryan of Peoples.Why are you insulting yourselves everyday by staying Muslim? Plz Plz return to your old and noble religion of Zoroastrianism.An earnest request from Hindu brother-Aryan is ethnic as well as a spiritual term..take away either of them and the definiton falls flat on its face-The Aryan religions are Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism…Please reject religions of Judaism and Islam..if u hv to follow Christianity only follow Jesus’s sayings and not Paul’s

  • furfur76jw:

    Cool I like this :)

  • Richard Melia:

    This is a Scottish tune, but to be fair i have a Native wife and from her past and mine as a Scot we are as one we just don’t know it! so i praise you for sharing such beauty to the world regardless of our backgrounds this is still a beautiful melodey.

  • shinigamikitty:

    Technically the videos states it’s not a native video.. its just there to show beauty in nature and everything there is… and the pictures really fit with the song…no clue why you even mention natives… it’s a video to be enjoyed for its peaceful, tranquility. I think it was very nicely done and very beautiful pictures were put into it all the way through =D

  • Ovaltex:

    Originally a Scottish tune, (sounds best on the pipes). Regardless a masterpiece that fits any scene, hence why its become so popular and played on so many different instruments, a true classic

  • Sammie Morrison:

    amazing song Awesome sauce video

  • lawrthebest:

    This song makes me wanna go in the desert and shoot an arrow with a bow!

  • John Baran:

    Jus amazing I feel this

  • ProNorden:

    An excellent video, apparently on endangered species, breeds, and indigenous cultures about which viewers might be persuaded to care and sympathize … and, so, might learn to care about preserving/restoring their own ethno-culture as well.

    Also a great and memorable piece of orchestral music, ‘The Gael’, to the soundtrack of ‘The Last Of The Mohicans’.

  • 312979drpepperjuggal:


  • ProNorden:

    Interesting and beautiful.
    Somebody is Attuned.

  • retroxxi:

    I was the 1338th like :D. COme at me bro

  • ahokahey:

    Tigers have nothing to do with natives? I don´t think so, just think WE ARE ALL RELATED !

  • Anonyamouse:

    AH but you are wrong for a long time Ireland was refereed to as the tiger when its economy was racing along.

  • adidobr:

    Hundreds of years of culture is right to sound so good cosmeticised least,, but there is something in music that is today

  • smokinf150:

    its round eye

  • multi1606:

    such beuty that time and mankind destroy near to exstiction

  • dedee152:

    Great video for a very beautiful song. I have watched this movie many times and its one of those movies you never get tired of. Love it, thanks for posting it.

  • zinedine798:


  • CelticAngloPress:

    Everything spot on but this is Celtic Gaelic (Scots/Irish) not Nordic Scandinavian whats so ever……at all.

  • israelnothanks:

    es cierto, lo que hicieron los europeos fue un genocidio.

  • jsslxs:

    yo de pequeño miraba películas de indios y vaqueros,con los playmobiles reconstruí el viejo oeste y por culpa del cine ya te imaginaras quienes eran para mi los buenos, hasta que un día leí una carta de un jefe indio Noah Sealth y cambie radicalmente de opinión.

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