Part 1 of 8 uploads of a great BBC documentary about the hero the world needs to know more about. An intellectual, cultured, last Welsh-born Prince of Wales who reluctantly led his countrymen to war against England in the 15th century and came so close to achieving a remarkable transformation of his country.

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  • Lacey Kauk:

    More on this gay

  • Andrea Whysall:

    (on my mums account)….. i was born in Forfar, Angus (Scotland)
    My Mum, my Auntie and Uncle was born in Porthcawl, my Grandad was born in Maesteg, My Gran was also born in Porthcawl, my real Dad in Auckland.
    Got a true mix!

  • acerb45666555:

    I think theres a Scot’s connection. Maybe an old marriage of alliance from the day’s of The Bruce?

  • Glyndwr65:

    It is the banner of Glyndwr – four lions rampant, 2 yellow against red, 2 red against yellow!.

  • acerb45666555:

    ps: Why didnt he help the House of Stuart? Then Welsh and Scot’s nobles could have “aquired” land’s occupied by the (Norman/English!). Wales could have expanded all the way to Sussex! Cornwall! And us “Heelander’s!” could have made Scotland much bigger too! And the Stuart house could have been saved!

  • acerb45666555:

    1:05…..Why is he wearing the royal flag of Scotland?? = Yellow background. Red lion rampant.

  • Gwenalltapowain:

    Thanx for you’re comment my Celtic friend!!!!

  • CalumGilhooly:

    Greetings and best wishes from Alba. Hir yn byw Cymru, (hope that’s right).
    Saor Alba gu brath!

  • mosschopsnz:

    Hi which series is this episode from please?

  • Glywysing942:

    Yup. I think people in Welsh-medium schools get taught more, but English language schools seem to bypass it altogether. Unless you went to a Welsh school… I didn’t though, I am forever envious of those who did 🙁

  • Glywysing942:

    Not that I’m defending that guy (he’s an idiot), but those people you mentioned were Britons, and existed long before any idea of Scotland or Northern England as they are now was ever conceived. Indeed, Wales as well, but the Welsh are Britons and our culture and the culture of northern Britons like Urien Rheged were/are one and the same. Sadly those up north lost their identity and we are what’s left.

  • littlesmew:

    Hoots mon, no offence meant to any Scottish oot there.
    jk lol.

  • ticketyboooo:

    I’ve just realised that you have mistakenly attributed a comment on here to me. I’ve checked and I never made any unkind comments about anyone’s ancestry so your anger has been misplaced all along.
    Don’t worry it could happen to anyone LOL and I’m all about the forgiveness- peace out.

  • PennyTraition:

    You seemed to be a little bothered about it in the delightful comment about myself and my ancestors, drear…PLUS your comment here: “We don’t hate the Gogs we pity their inferiority…” And, “mother tongue?” “We all speak English now”? Who? And, I really don’t care about your mummy. Grow up.
    Won what?

  • ticketyboooo:

    ‘Just to let you know I’m not all that arsed about all these myths and legends they’re fun to read and all but bear no relevance to my daily life.
    Why are you getting your kilt in a turmoil over it all dear?
    We all speak English now so it’s pretty clear that you won.

  • PennyTraition:

    Well, quite! You speak volumes for your folk! I think you fail to see beyond your own myopic megolomania, but then the TRUTH must hurt as it drives you to such vitriolic tantrums…The fact that the South stole all the Northern Heroes (via Geoffrey of Monmouth, the, er, ”Historian” largely, but others too.) “We”? “mother tongue”? Ooh! Wasn’t it Wonderful for Taliesen to have been a one time Bard to Urien-Rheged? All the Arthurian legends and Myrddin / Merlin to have been Northern and Scottish?

  • Upeter2:

    Is that right? Scotland was able to repel england time and time again, but england conquered wales then was fully annexed by the english in the 16th century, unlike scotland.

  • ticketyboooo:

    I fail to see how your comment is in any way a response to mine.
    Thanks for the bonus history lesson any way.
    Taking task with the all South Walians hate Gogs, however. We don’t hate the Gogs we pity their inferiority and poor use of the mother tongue.

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