Liathach is one of the most famous of the Torridon Hills. It lies to the north of the A896 road, in the Northwest Highlands of Scotland, and has two peaks of Munro status: Spidean a’ Choire Leith at the east of the main ridge, and Mullach an Rathain at the western end of the mountain. The name Liathach is pronounced [ˈʎiə.əx] in Scottish Gaelic, and means ‘The grey one’. Liathach conveys an aura of impregnability when seen from the roadside below, as the slopes appear to rise up in a series of near vertical rocky terraces.

5 Responses to “The Munro Show – Liathach 3461 feet 1055m – Torridon – NG929579”

  • CourgetteWithFlipper:

    My all time favourite Munro. Nice camera work capturing a taste of the stunning scenery of this area.

  • gssg9:

    Was a fantastic show but unfortunately at the time Miss Grey wasn’t much liked by the general public or press. Its far more popular now that it was there. Too many stuck up individuals thought here joky presentation wasn’t taking the mountains serious.

  • Islandretreat:

    Thanks for sharing. Some years ago I climbed Spidean a’ Choire Leith (peak of the grey corrie) and Mullach an Rathain (summit of the row of pinnacles), both peaks connected by a ridge which runs about 7 kilometres. Wonderful place if you like climbing.

  • 6kuku9:

    I concur

  • boristhespie:

    Wish Miss Gray would make some more of these. Loved this show and it is one of the country’s best loved tv shows. We need more.

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