Another excerpt from the classic Hogmanay Live 91/92. This is the first of sveral clips to feature the first footers – The Rankin Family from Canada

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  • RitaDickson1:

    A beautiful song sung by beautiful people with astounding voices. Thank´╗┐ you for sharing this. ­čÖé

  • Gemma Glenn:

    rip´╗┐ raylene rankin

  • Grampa Canuck:

    The audio on this clip doesn’t do them justice. Check´╗┐ out their song “Fare Thee Well” elsewhere on Youtube.

  • Melvin Vinson:

    Absolutely beautiful. I could listen to this all day.´╗┐ Their voices blend perfectly.

  • cranston2snord:

    Cookie really stands out as the one singer in the group with some ability. The “Chipmunk” harmonies´╗┐ leave a lot to be desired.

  • Caper1Forever:

    this is the 1st time I have heard this song thank you for the post ‘tapa leibth’ from Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia Canada (homeland of´╗┐ the Rankins)

  • 208mcj:

    I was fortunate enough to discover The Rankin Family when they were supporting Mary Black at Celtic Connections a fair few years ago. What a find they´╗┐ were! Went on to see them play live and what an exciting and uplifting experience it was.

  • Norrie754:

    The original version by the Corries was slow like this. Over the years the song got faster and even the Corries themselves´╗┐ sung it faster. There is a recording of the Corries on youtube playning the original version

  • Robert Ingram:

    I saw this show live in 1992 but it was Hogmanay after all and I was a wee bit fu’ so I am delighted to find these You Tube´╗┐ videos. The Rankins were absolutely enchanting – I don’t think even they realised just what magic they created with their singing,dancing,fiddling and great but unassuming personalities. I just love them ! Thank you Cape Breton !

  • Trionatrog:

    thank´╗┐ you – I have never heard that recorded or played live! what a treat.

  • Robert Manning:

    dedicated to all my scottish´╗┐ friends

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