Henry has been a widower for two years but political diplomacy and Thomas Cromwell urge the king to choose Anne of Cleves. Will the match prove a triumph or …

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  • DaSourcespr06:

    lol at14:03!

  • theresa bollman:

    History says he was disappointed in her…I’d think it was the other way

  • jemorrismmorris:

    Lotte are you free!

  • telamon2011:

    Anne was indeed fairly attractive, though not in the sense that Henry
    desired. She was tall and buxom, while Henry preferred smaller women. She
    knew virtually no English, could not dance or sing, could not play any
    instruments, and appreciated none of the subjects Henry liked, such as the
    fine arts or theology. She did have an interest in politics, which was seen
    as outside the domain of a woman. Her only skill was in sewing. Poetic
    justice that she ended up the best of the wives!

  • anna horwath:

    @DaSourcespr06 LOL…I know!!..:D

  • Peggy Lindenthaler:

    Forget that message. I thought you were talking about Anne of Cleves, not
    her lady in waiting. OMG now I see it! She was a very nice looking woman,
    wasn’t she? And no colored hair, LOL.

  • MrMaxismybaby:

    I heard that!

  • atlantic1119:

    For those of you who may not recognize her, Anne of Cleves’ chief lady in
    waiting is played by Molly Sugden (Mrs. Slocombe of Are You Being Served

  • Molly Yanich:

    42 seconds: “My little Anne Boleyn”? is that what he said?

  • Peggy Lindenthaler:

    This was and is most definitely my favorite version of The Six Wives of
    Henry the VIII. Wonderful! And Henry WAS nuts, to say the least, lol

  • Thor13332:

    Henry was nuts. Anne of Cleaves was no more or less attractive as his other
    queens just in a different way. She cam out good in the end, she didn’t
    have to put up with his muderous ass.

  • thetruesmit:

    lol!! the wine bearer is brilliant. got to watch 13:49 – 14:05. 🙂 love
    king henry’s reaction as well. lmao

  • atlantic1119:

    I still do not understand why Henry felt the need to get married in order
    to ward off an alliance between France and the Holy Roman Empire. Everyone
    knew that the French and the Hapsburgs would be hating each other again
    within a few weeks to months, and in the meantime, the German Protestant
    states that were part of the Holy Roman Empire (including Cleves) would
    have welcomed any English alliance without having to marry off one of their
    princesses. Yet, Anne used this to her own benefit.

  • Peggy Lindenthaler:

    Are you sure? I know there are a lot of years between the two series, but I
    don’t see the resemblance. I’m not saying that you are wrong, I’m just
    trying to figure it out.

  • atlantic1119:

    A bit of Freudian psychology here, but Henry probably kept forgetting
    Anne’s name since it reminded him too much of Anne Boleyn. (True, her
    proper German name was Anna, and Cromwell and the others seemed to be going
    through great pains to emphasize the difference!)

  • Valkyrie Sardo:

    Catherine of Aragon had a poltical education and it was considered one of
    her assets. It is sad what she suffered in refusing to acknowledge Mary as
    a ******* since Mary herself would eventually declare it as a condition of
    returning to court. Earlier in this episode, Henry says a sturdy woman
    would be acceptable. At this point in his life, he was grossly obese. The
    Anne portrayed here is absolutely adorable and that makes me even more glad
    she escaped the fate of a Henry wife.

  • Marzena591:

    From what is generally known he had suffered from pain for the most of his
    adult years, but about death I would not be that certain ….

  • atlantic1119:

    Look at the credit listings at the end of the episode! You will see
    Mollie’s name as the woman who portrays Anne’s chief lady in waiting. This
    episode was made in 1969, and I believe Are You Being Served started about
    six or seven years later. If you watch very closely, you can definitely see
    a bit of Mrs. Slocombe here!

  • Noodles37UK:

    I truly hope Henry VIII died in great pain.

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