It is the year 1543 and the King is now grossly fat, semi-lame, and wrinkled. Beset by boredom he longs for a new wife to ease his lonely life, will the twic…

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  • ravinraven718:

    Number 3 of 4. Not as bad as having been married six times like Henry,, but her track record wasn’t so hot either.

  • theresa bollman:

    Amazing how these fools never learned by what happened to the ones before them…

  • 3636Clarence:

    Ben Norris and Culpeper were executed. They had both been gentlemen of the Privy Council. This was a position which gave them extreme proximity to the King. How close? Let’s just say that when Henry needed to use the ‘throne’, these men were right behind him. At his behind actually. ..he was so obese, there were certain things he couldn’t physically do. Do.

  • doggygenesis:

    expects to see an epic series about king henry’s wives and first thing you see….is henry taking a ****…

  • bocus20:

    she was 31, he was 52.

  • Elizabeth SooYong Hwang:

    Hmm, How old she was when she married to King Henry VII?


    That’s correct; Catherine married four times – she was pregnant when she married Husband #4 - Thomas Seymour, but sadly, she died in childbirth when she was still in her thirtes.

  • MarinaMaxwellYuy:

    Indeed. And he will not be her last husband.

  • Elizabeth SooYong Hwang:

    So, King Henry VII is third husband of Queen Catherine Parr

  • babuybabuyan:

    @zodiacBubblegum is this from the DVD?

  • ZodiacBubblegum:

    Fantastic. I was actually going to message you to say I had uploaded. Apologies for the wait. 🙂

  • Yolanda Anne Brown:

    Been waiting for this! Thanks for the upload!

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