It is the year 1543 and the King is now grossly fat, semi-lame, and wrinkled. Beset by boredom he longs for a new wife to ease his lonely life, will the twic…

10 Responses to “The Six Wives of Henry VIII – Catherine Parr 2”

  • riboharibo:

    Why thank you. On your Recommendation i shall certainly watch all of it now.

  • anna horwath:

    Does this old dolt think he can even do the deed?…he was delusional!!!!!

  • lbound100:

    I agree with you it completely ruins the history and they take way too much license in the story, they made Catherine Howard a complete bimbo, nothing but a sex object, yet in this series they never had sex.  The Tudors is not accurate and more a mockery of history.

  • Laura Lang:

    The Tudors was just an excuse for nudity and sex. I saw only the first episode of it, got sickened by it, and never watched it again.

  • PowerPuffBoy17:


  • Patti Williams:

    I am having trouble playing the video’s Cathrine Parr. They play for a few minutes then quit playing.

  • 3636Clarence:

    Please check out Lucy Worsley. She is chief curator of Royal Palaces and had wonderful videos on YouTube. In one, she outlined by going to a supermarket and shopped for the kind & amount of food Henry would have consumed. Amazing. .

  • 3636Clarence:

    In the TV stories ” The Tudors” , Jonathon Rys Meyers refused to wear a fat suit. Henry was trim throughout the program which was fraught with many factual omissions. Really a mere period bodice ripper.

  • Audrey Mealiff:

    Thanks for uploading this. I’ve never seen more than a few clips of this series before, and I am really enjoying it. It is wonderful to see Henry at this stage, huge and bald and fat. Brilliant! 🙂

  • ThePanzerfist44:

    Ive really enjoyed this series over the last few nights , my son has been sat in front of the TV hogging the remote control and watching football these past three nights – while ive enjoyed all six episodes of this classic production – so good to see so many fantastic british actors and actress’s .

    many thanks Zodiacbubblegum , I really appreciate your channel 🙂

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