The King is embroiled with the reformation and after the execution of Anne Boleyn he marries the kind and loving, gentlewoman, Jane Seymour, will she provide…

7 Responses to “The Six Wives of Henry VIII Jane Seymour part 3”

  • Renee Pigeon:

    Oh, I’m not justifying Marys actions. She’s one of my least favorite of the
    Tudors. But, I do feel that SHE felt justified. Though, I don’t know how
    she felt justified for burning all those protestants! Such, a bitter,
    ruthless woman she must’ve been!

  • Renee Pigeon:

    Mary blamed cramner as one of the main people involved in Catherines
    downfall. He helped Henry break w/rome, and more too!

  • outrider30:

    Kramner saves Mary’s neck (1.22) when Henry wants her charged with treason,
    then Mary later burns Kramner to a crisp when she becomes queen… What

  • philbyification:

    Thanks for the massive upload!! I think Mitchell plays the best Henry VIII
    and I’ve seen them all!!! Happy New Year Zodiacbubblegum!

  • theresa bollman:

    Excute his own daughter? Nice guy.

  • diondrajevans:

    Thankyou so much for posting this series this helps me understand my socail
    studies lesson alot better

  • Jakegothicsnake:

    “Give her a good hiding”??? What Norfolk needs to either shut his trap or
    else take a boot himself!!

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