Hampshire Young People’s Chorus (YPC) with Director KC Conlan on May 17, 2008

24 Responses to “The Tiger (William Blake) – Lauren Bernofsky”

  • pawnstars775:

    So gay were doing this misinterpreted the song way much slow it down it supposed to be a scary mysterious song not high pitched re re ‘s

  • JandEGillett:

    Super! Fiery, crisp and energetic. Well done!

  • Mikoto Yamashima:

    they are very good however they lack the power and tone quality for this song. This is because this song is supposed to feel like there is a tiger stalking through the grass. I am not meaning to be harsh, it’s just that I have recently sung this song and my director is one of the two choir directors for DAsota and has a very high starderd that has carried over to his students. But they did well for a young choir.

  • esblimie:

    was that a baby voice in the start….or was it a part of the setup…that was an awesome start if you ask me. Emmanuel Blimie, Author of the poetry and play book: WHAT’S IN ME COMES ALIVE! available at Amazon and through author name google search.

  • mandoster329:

    Wow, for such young voices they did remarkably well singing 3-part, especially being a song of such tricky syncapations. Great job and I’m inspired as a jr. high choir teacher! 🙂

  • Rhapsodyas:


  • Altinashow:

    I think that an interpretation is interesing :). Thumbs up!

  • YAMANvlogs:

    i just made a project on this poem! i love it! I posted my vid on youtube 🙂

  • RavenTaylor1234:

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  • PersilFan:

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  • RavenTaylor1234:

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  • PersilFan:

    everyone has the right to interpret a song/poem the way he like! there is no wrong way!!

  • babyblackhorse12:

    There is no wrong way to sing a song! This song has been around since the 18th century of course there would be different arrangements. And give them a break they are probably only in 7th or 8th grade I am sure if any of you were in choir then you would sound just the same!

  • RavenTaylor1234:

    This Song Is Too Fast A Tempo ,
    & Its Not The Right Way To Sing It . . . .
    But Its Alritee For Kids. (:

  • whiterapper96:

    this sucks

  • Stormy Askew:

    cute hard song not how its suppose to be sang like that but cute for young singers

  • TheBunnyboo55:

    same thing ours is diffrent though

  • jonaslover45:

    at my school were singing this song at a choral festival tomorrow. (: it sounds a lot different then the way you guys sang it. anyway it’s really good (:

  • Lizzy G:

    my chours does that so much better it actually sounds CREEPY

  • Taneygirl97:

    Wow way to ruin a good poem

  • xxPrettyOdd:

    I am not that fond of this version, but still a good song nonetheless.

  • demi103:

    but why do you say tiger tiger burning brist???

  • demi103:

    haha the baby in te begining is so funny!
    me and my sister are laughing so much!!!

  • rockinoutpopstargirl:

    this is a pretty good video of us xD

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