Divorce beheading death in childbirth exile..The women who married henry viii are best known for the way their lives ended. Yet these 6 queens also possessed…

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  • MaryCareysf:

    This actually makes me feel better to be raised catholic.

  • PalaverTwist:

    NoW tHaT’s FuNnY!! I cOuLdN’t HaVe SaId It BeTtEr, MySeLf, MiLtStAr!! *TwO tHuMbS uP!*

  • abc101090:

    No problem 🙂

  • polargirl306:

    Thank you!!!

  • theresa bollman:

    Thank you for the info. Have a nice day.

  • abc101090:

    Luther was actually one theologian who OPPOSED Henry VIII’s wish.

  • theresa bollman:

    That makes me feel better, I am married to a Lutheran.Take care.

  • abc101090:

    Correct with the CoE, not with the Lutheran Church. Luther was more interested in salvation, not marriage.

  • Omazing Foreman:

    Man U guys don’t get it if the king wanted someone he got them they couldn’t say no the king could kill them they were all amazing women a it was Henry’s fault entirely and Henry didn’t deserve any of them plus at least Anne tried to run away and Jane did too if anything u would be mad at Henry and be honest if a billionaire king wanted u as a wife u would probably try to be the queen too

  • Assasincreed1o9o:

    I think the main fault was not henry but mankind treatment and views towards women throughout many years. Since ancient times, woman has no place in society. Like what this man says woman were used as tools to have children. And only males were considered legimate to rule, work, have an education and etc. This so called views, causes this bloody battle. Yes, Henry and anne did wrong. But still the main fault is this view against women.

  • LaSerpentaCanta:

    Anne did whatever she wanted to. If she had been a PROPER, DECENT AND CHRISTIAN woman she would have renounced the King’s advances and sided with Katharine. She could’ve maybe advised him to lay off Katherine and do the right thing. But she didn’t. Anne Boleyn is the quintessential other woman, no matter how much a vociferous majority tries to make her into a hero. She was a whore, and a social climber and got exactly what she deserved. When you fall for the garbage man, you wind up in thegarbag

  • Rach123456789ify:

    Henry was following his c*ck. Anne manipulated him. Katherine was a powerful woman but ultimately it was Henry who did the damage all because he just wanted to sleep with a new ho. Men haven’t really changed in the years since hahahaha

  • MyManOWarSmiles:

    Anne Boleyn was obviously NOT a whore, considering she denied Henry for seven years before their marriage.

  • theresa bollman:

    If not for a couple of men who had wanted to dump women, and had eyes for others, there would be no Church of England or Lutheran Church. Really makes one think.

  • MaryCareysf:

    Catholics read the bible today. I don’t see why they had to start a new religion and create a bloody civil war. Henry just wanted power and not to have anyone above him. He was having a temper tantrum and cared nothing about religion or reform. That’s just a background note which happened to take place when he wasn’t getting his way.

  • CoffeeCupGoodness:

    Inaccurate again. William Tyndale never said that the King had authority over the Church, he said that the Pope should not have authority over the King. Printing and reading the Bible in English was illegal at the time, and the Catholic church considered Tyndale to be a danger to their authority. Tyndale merely wanted the English to be able to read the Bible in English, so he translated the New Testament into English and was burned at the stake for it.

  • RamlingZhen:

    I like how its not Ann Boleyns faults in anyway, or Jane’s, and it’s all Henry’s fault; life’s not so simple. It’s seem easy for people to generalize and blame the person but ignore the circumstance, and other people involved. Also as far as Ann Boleyn goes; she was very intelligent woman that clearly showed a clear plan to spitefully take another man’s wife place, sure this does not remove any blame from Henry, but because Henry was bad does not make Ann good. She’s no martyr, Henry no saint.

  • cosplayerNekome:

    I believe firmly both Katherine and Anne were both victims of the egomaniacal male dominated Tudor society. Women where told since birth they were inferior and must submit to the lusts and ambitions of men. Because both women were powerful in their own right and as intellegant as any man, they both fell prey to the ego of Henry. It wasn’t their fault that they had to literally fight for respect in a world who saw them as nothing more then cattle

  • Sierra688:

    I have no problem with female equality, but Anne played a very deceitful game in order to become Henry’s consort. Of course she was innocent of the trumped up charges levied against her, but she was guilty of many other transgressions. She lied, cheated, and manipulated her way into becoming queen and ultimately the game turned against her. She reaped as she sowed.

  • Brittney Taylor:

    i’m sorry but she did not deserve it. Anne Boleyn was innacent of all charges that they made against her. Yes she was a bit of a ***** but that is the way you really had to be as a woman back then to some what surrive. She just wanted to be equal to men and she had the right to be.

  • AmyDropkick92:

    They are both at fault!

  • blackmumba111:

    I have to say that the Anne they picked for this was almost perfect. I think she was a little too old, but she does look remarkably similar to the court portrait of Anne.

  • donotdroptheminky:

    KH sure was, and not the smartest cookie in the box too .. I still like her though xD

  • donotdroptheminky:

    and the actress that pretends to be Anne sound bitchy too .. still, love Anne Boleyn, no matter how they portrait her

  • BlackCousins4life:

    This show isn’t very sympathetic to Anne. I know she was never loved in England and it’s accurate but it almost feels like the narrative voice is against her, too :(

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