things to do in scotland if you have 3 adventurous teenage kids (13,16,17)
we have not booked a place to stay yet, we were going to see what attractions were around where first.

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    It would probably help if you said where abouts you were going. Without knowing which part, it’s impossible to recommend places to go.

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    I would Recommend Edinburgh, the capital. Edinburgh has managed to retain its traditional Scottish roots, it has also become an incredibly cosmopolitan city! Friendly and accessible, you should go to Edinburgh Castle; for centuries Edinburgh Castle has been the home of Scottish kings and queens. You should also take time to visit Holyrood House which has been a royal residence since the reign of Charles I. You could always learn about Scottish whisky at the Heritage Centre or go on a walking tour of the catacombs beneath the city. You should also find time to visit Hadrian’s Wall. While it is now on the England side of the current border, it was once the northernmost border of the Roman Empire. It used to be the border for the Roman England and what was Scotland at the time. It is also very easy to catch a train to London, or almost anywhere else in the UK!! Have Fun!!

  • Shahah:

    It would help if I knew where you were going. I highly recommend Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city. Your children will enjoy going to Edinburgh dungeon! There are many shops but it’s very crowded there.
    If you are going somewhere like the Orkney islands (where I live) I wouldn’t recommend it for three adventurous teenagers. It’s very pretty and has loads of tourist attractions but its best to come in the Summer because we have our county show in July or August, when the weather is much nicer. There are rides and stalls for you to enjoy! There are loads of historical attractions too like the tomb of the eagles and a 5000 year old village called Skara Brae. There are cruise ships stopping by the islands every Summer so tourists can explore for a while. There are lots of souvenir shops but few shops for clothes and accessories. There is a population of about about 20000 people spread out on most the islands. There is very small city called Kirkwall (where I live) That has a wide choice of places to stay. There are lots of attractions in Kirkwall, the most popular one being the Cathedral. There are also the ruins of two palaces!

    There are lot and LOTS of other attractions in Orkney, but with three teenagers, I recommend going during the county show though. So, that’s one of the places you could go to.

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