Tommy Tiernan on Irish and the Irish – ‘Loose’, at the Montreal Comedy Festival 2005

25 Responses to “Tommy Tiernan on Irish and the Irish – ‘Loose’ Montreal Fest”

  • alexholl654:

    go **** yourself were the only country hardy enough to survive anything HON THE IRISH!!!!!

  • PearlFirefly:

    The heck is he wearing on his feet? Ballet flats? Slippers? I’m just wondering!

  • FPSOtsal:

    You have no life.

  • TheSoracha:

    why does every1 fuckin argue bout religon ng languages its just fucked up every1 should just mind dere own opinions like seriously

  • Franex O:

    About as funny as cancer. You don’t understand Irish as you couldn’t be arsed learning it, like 99.9% of the gormless Irish masses.

  • SayNoToTheism:

    I can’t understand a fucking word he’s saying and I’m Irish.

  • Hashpotato:


  • Robb Rant:

    I have a funny channel in the making also!
    hope you check it out, please please please please please please please please please please please please! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh­hhhh come on be my buddy.
    i luv u

  • John Grimm:

    what comes next? after ” ….with your big fukin’ cross up on the hill ….”

  • John Grimm:

    “….with your big fuckin’ cross up on the hill..”

  • MrEyensky:


  • John Grimm:


  • John Grimm:


  • John Grimm:


  • Daniel Conway:

    Naughty TG4gaeilge stealing from Ebaum’s

  • puppyshade:

    Iss maith líom Tommy, I’m irish but get taught by my secondary school you should consider going to an irish school well an irish speaking school

  • rigel5:

    Totaly agree with you. How disasterous it would be for mankind to only speak one language! Less languages is better. Fucking waste of time trying to teach Irish to kids. Same as religion. Modern times people, forget the past. Time to move on! 

  • Elementhree:

    then fuckin go and learn it and stop bein a sectarian wee ****.

  • xzxeviexzx:

    because nobody know how to speak it anymore? irishfianna is right. the only place that speaks irish is the gaeltachts and well they are small and we are forced in schools, therefore sparking people to dislike it. reading over the topic wont help you understand if your not irish in my opinion…

  • Mattius VII:

    very right MrMoel, but from what i understand thats because irish saw something of a revival at the turn of the century, so probably spiked then and the decline is the fallout from that. the english influence on its decline began a few centuries before that with plantations and reformation.

  • MrBendingco:

    looking at some of the comments below and I cant understand why people turn a joke into a serious debate… some of you’s need to lighten up and get a sense of humor.

  • MrMoel1:

    I was reading about this topic and apparently the Irish language has declined alarmingly over the last 50 years, long after Britain left, so it’s done no better under  a friendly regime than a hostile one

  • Designed2BeMe:

    You can talk in Irish now after studying it since you were four, and also recieved honours grades in both junior and leabing cert?

  • gavbag1234:

    Yeah, how unlucky are we that we now speak a language that Australians, Americans, Canadians, English and millions of others speak (many of them as a second language).

    I’d much rather be a patriot who has to learn another fucking language to get a job anywhere else.

    It’s just a method of communication man, if it works, it works.

  • Designed2BeMe:

    @irafenian In Irish primary schools, Gaelscoils, Irish is taught through speaking it. In secondary schools, the course and only the fucking course is taught and we wouldn’t be able to talk to someone in Irish if our lives depended on it… Honours leaving cert student.

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