I am a wheelchair user. I wish to travel by train from Edinburgh to London to catch a plane at Heathrow. Which is the closest station to Heathrow, or best route? And are the trains accessible for wheelchairs?

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  • ◘ màttý ◘:

    Heathrow has it’s own rail station, I don’t know if they is direct routes to heathrow rail from edinburgh, but you can get from edinburgh to kings cross then hop off one then to heathrow station. It takes 6 hours and costs £50, you should really fly I bet it’d be much easier and same price if not cheaper. I’m pretty sure all trains accomodate for wheelchairs, national rail may need to ring up and ask. London definitely does.

  • JIM:

    You may have problems on the Underground part of your journey – after arriving in London – because not all stations have lifts, and the trains themselves do not have ramps for wheelchair users. I honestly cannot imagine a wheelchair user being able to make this journey unaccompanied – assuming you are a person who needs to remain in the chair at all times.

  • d@dz:

    i would go to waverley station travel enquiries,probably get your advance ticket there and then,plus all the info you will need,the staff are extremely helpful.

  • rdenig_male:

    I agree with Jim. Your problem is that you need an Underground interchange from Kings Cross to Paddington to catch either the Heathrow Express or Heathrow Connect. Yu have no problems with a wheel chair on East Coast as there are special spaces for wheelchairs and I assume the same goes for the Heathrow trains. All you need to do is warn the stations in advance and help will be provided for you. However, I know Kings Cross Underground station very well and it will be impossible for you to get to the Circle Line platforms (the line you need) in a wheelchair. You have two alternatives. The first is to use a taxi from Kings Cross to Paddington. The other is not to travel via London – for example you can catch the 10.52 from Waverley and change at Wolverhampton and Reading – staff will be available at those stations to assist. The journey does, however, take over 7 hours.

  • David S:

    Just to add to the answer above. You can catch a 205 bus from opposite Kings Cross to Paddington Station; these buses have wheelchair ramps or a black cab London taxi; almost all London’s black cabs are fitted with wheelchair ramps. With regards to the two rail companies – East Coast from Edinburgh to London and Heathrow Express from Paddington to Heathrow. Given at least 24 hours notice they will provide ramp assistance to board and get off the trains; telephone numbers on their websites
    http://www.eastcoast.co.uk (cheapest rail tickets are in any case those booked in advance)
    http://www.heathrow express.com

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