The Land,the People their Culture & Pride!! Photo Slide Show by 664Freedom ! Music Royal Scots Dragoon Guards-“Flower of Scotland”.

24 Responses to “Tribute to Scotland”

  • scottishgirl0918:

    Aye that’s are national anthem

  • mersaphireful:

    I always have tourists talk to me and say ” Your countries fucking awsome”  and I say ” ohh shucks thanks :3 “

  • whitbyjet65:

    And you’re not biased at all, are you?

  • 1andrewman1:

    watsons of cowie, from the toon tho

  • riddeon16:

    @USAdude30 Don’t worry, not all Scots are muggers and rapists. Never met any myself, at least.

  • macpherson290152:

    i am scottish and i tell you now scotland is the most beautiful country i have ever seen. I live in america and america doesnt even comare to scotlands greatness

  • creamtt:

    @USAdude30 Go before you get to old then you’ll be young and strong enough to beat off the scottish muggers and rapist’s.

  • Andrew Scott:

    always proud to be born in Glasgow, Scotland is a beautiful country, and i hope to return there to play some rugby with real men

  • 222macgregor:

    I’m American but extremely proud of my McGregor Scottish heritage.

    Soar Alba

  • mersaphireful:

    I my mum and my dads family are all from scotland, we move to America i miss me own homeland but some day I shall go back and regain my families HOME LAND!! my home of Scotland. <3

  • Patrick Kays:

    wow its a st patty thing he was a traitor to his people he was in league with the church but thats irish as far as i know i looked up scotish music but its celtic none the less so what do i know im nothing more than a yank that comes from highland roots

  • scottishlad1987:

    st paddys day is bigger in scotland than st andrews day! it’s not really a national thing anymore.

  • joru100:

    baha you guys think i would get hassled if wore my scottish shirt on saint pattys day to pay tribute to my ancestry lol? i mean seriously, no one ever really celebrates st andrews day here in canada so why not? i mean i’ve been wearing green for years and im not even irish.

  • snelleeddy10:

    Thank Ur very much Scottish one…My wife have an acidant in the car in 94! Whe never pahe y for this. She was wounded,and blood, but never one of U’r asking money! Everyday U are care of us… sorry dont speak very well english (belgium) CHEERS !!!!!!!!!!

  • scottishlad1987:

    you generalised scots didn’t you? “typical scottish anti english sentiment…”

    but it doesn’t count when it’s said by an englishman though eh!

    that kind of hypocrisy is a common trait in english people- assuming that you’re better than people because you’re english and you think you own the world. most of you probably don’t, but a lot do.


    Are the English a race? Are the Scots a race? The answer is an obvious YES. Perhaps you would like to shed some light on the ‘traits’ that a lot of us seem to have? Careful not to generalise now!

  • scottishlad1987:

    well i don’t have written statements but that seems to be the general attitude from the foreign people i have met. it’s not an opinion, it’s just an observation. is hating english people racist? is english a race? i actually don’t hate english people individually, it’s just that a lot of you seem to have the traits that i hate.


    Ah, so your assertion that the English are universally despised is entirely UNSCIENTIFIC and no more than YOUR subjective opinion, driven by your obvious racism towards an entire group of people. Congratulations on being a bigot & an imbecile.

  • scottishlad1987:

    typical, an english person siding only with the english people on the board- against the scots, and then having the nerve to pretend that the scot is the only one doing it! hypocrisy at its finest! haha. and there’s no way for me to prove that the english are hated no more than you can prove you are liked. i only have the comments that i have heard from countless people who have visited england and scotland and decided that english people are guff.


    Typical Scottish anti-English sentiment, coupled with entirely subjective conjecture & generalisation. The English are ‘hated everywhere’ are they? Please do feel free to provide some evidence to back up your supposition. I wonder why we have a massive Common Wealth of nations. all of whom are voluntary members if we are so despised? lol

  • 1MagicAndMayhem1:

    Whats wrong, Cant think up a new insult? What a shame

    Im here exposing and pointing out to you just how much of a sad twat you are, Go and read back over the comments,

  • scottishlad1987:

    you’re here too fatboy.

  • 1MagicAndMayhem1:

    Oh wow, it didn’t take you long to start your finger pointing and retorting with he said she said huh? Obviously you know your own country very well right? You never will all the time your on some lofty pretense of superiority man, I couldn’t give a good god damn where your going, YOU are wasting your life -trolling- you tube spouting the ignorant and sad comments you do kid, Get a clue, And learn from it

  • scottishlad1987:

    any problem that scotland has, england has the same one. scotland isn’t even in the top 10 drinking nations in the world, hardly a nation of piss heads. and you’re talking **** about it being violent for tourists, the centre of scottish cities are nice, most of the problems are in the deprived areas where crime is high. just like most european countries i imagine.

    by the way- i’m heading towards being a chartered engineer, why would i join the army? waste of life.

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