BodhranExpert Platinum Membership online tutorial program is now LIVE! Click this link for all the details Michelle Stewart from http demonstrates how to use the top part of the bodhran tipper to play triplets and rolls.…

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  • ScottLass27:

    it’s the third day of playing my bohran…i’ve think i’ve mastered the triplets (after a cider or two it was easier), but is there any nack to quickening the pace without missing a beat? I also need to learn where abouts to hold my hand at the back of the bohran to make different pitches

  • miketwo345:

    You’re a great teacher. I’m inspired to get this drum and try.

  • Joyce Braswell:

    Thank you so much for sharing!!!!!

  • DjLucaRo:

    Grazie Grazie GRAZIE!!!!

  • katsandroses:

    way cool post, appreciated !!

  • Amy Knisely:

    It’s been about 6 months since I got my little bodhran and about a month or two ago I was able to finally do triples on command! YAY! It helps add an intersting dynamic when playing with all my djembe and djune friends 😀

  • ooohhhshiny:

    well it sounds cool. i searched learning to play tenor drum into search and this poped up =S i i watched anyways =)

  • sweavo:

    very nice! second instructional video I’ve watched on the bodhran and that was so clear that I could get a triplet by mimicking directly what I saw. Thanks!

  • nancyspungen18:

    Thanks to your tutorial I got the hang of them pratically straight away after I wrote that comment. Now Im pretty good at the Bodhran. I’ve been playing along to lots of songs..especially jigs. I find it easier than the reels to be honest. Thanks again for your tutorials!

  • BodhranMasterclass:

    Just in case I neglected to mention TRIPLETS ARE HARD . . .especially for a beginner so be patient and cut youself a bit of slack. Triplets are definitely one of the trickiest things to master. Try playing along to a favorite cd or video of reels and when you’re not trying to play triplets they will just slip in and you’ll go “wow, how did I do that?” Sometimes it helps to just let them happen and then work on controlling them.

  • BodhranMasterclass:

    My tipper is 22 1/4cm, pretty close to yours.I think your stick is the perfect length to learn triplets. A shorter tipper would be more difficult at first. You may find it helpful to play alot heavier JUST AS AN EXERCISE as the exagerrated wrist motion helps you get a run at the down stroke,helps you follow through and results in the top end slipping in.
    Plan B:Play down and up strokes as heavy as you can then bring knuckles in until they touch the skin.Let me know how this works for you.

  • nancyspungen18:

    The triplets are way hard! I just got a bodhran and I cant get the hang of it at all!!!

  • taruun19:

    I am trying hard too get the hang of this, my tipper seems large(23cms) would it be easier with a smaller one??

  • frizzell32:

    Hi I like your videos, I am new and would like to know how you think I am doing with no instruction and well just fooling around. Later and keep up the good work. Frizzell32 ( ps there are triplets in some of my videos but the camera didn’t pick it all )

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