This is a very short version of a fiddle from the Shetland Islands. There are two violins, one guitar and one bass guitar. Everything played by me. And since I am lazy, (and because it wouldn’t fit in the video) I only video taped the two violin tracks. The video is done after the recordning, so that’s why no microphone and no headphones are in the vid :P. And all the trills and stuff might not be the same as in the sound. GEAR: My violin My guitar My bass M-audio sound card MT-57 microphone Some cables 😛 And sorry for the cheezy hair look (as in most of my vids xD) but I was on a music festival all night, and I didn’t shower yet xD. Please rate and comment, and tell me if you want more violin vids. I can make some swedish folk music too if you want. And some american.

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